5 Tips to Ease Back Into Regular Life After a Long Tour

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Summer is coming to a close. Sunny days filled with vivid memories are behind us. Many people are coming back home after their long trips. But returning to daily life after an amazing holiday in Thailand or Italy can go not as smoothly as we expected. 

If you feel unhappy and cannot concentrate on important things, here are some tips to help you get your balance in an exciting whirlwind after a long tour and keep the positive effect of your vacation.

Don’t linger on the way home

There are many tips to ease back into regular life but perhaps the most important is this one. Make your return from vacation as enjoyable as feasible. Try to buy tickets without any changes. If it’s not possible, think about how and where you will spend time waiting for the next flight. There is nothing worse than sleeping in the airport lounge all night.

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Don’t rush to turn on your phone

If your tour was in a quiet peaceful place away from civilization, don’t rush to return to the ‘modern world’. Messages and emails can fall on you at the same time. When you turn your phone back on, put it on silent so messages and reminders don’t overwhelm you. Give yourself a few hours to recover from the road. You can make a couple of important calls, but that is all.

Send yourself a travel postcard

This little trick will allow you to revive pleasant memories a few days after your arrival. Imagine that you came back home, started to work and have almost forgotten about your vacation when suddenly a postcard with a view of the St. Petersburg Catherine Palace comes. Put it in a visible place, positive emotions never hurt anybody. Many people have a collection of such travel postcard cards. Sorting them, they are distracted from everyday problems at least for a while.

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Enjoy a little time in silence

Sometimes it takes several days to digest the strength of your experience, especially if it was an active holiday. You are overwhelmed with emotions. When you return home, find a place to stay in silence, and remember your favourite travel moments again. Alternatively, you can meet friends and tell them about your tour. A calm conversation can create a similar effect.

Live in the now

Many people experience back-to-work blues after the summer holidays. Instead of regretting that the vacation has ended too quickly, admit that it was really wonderful. Focus on the present and future goals, don’t live in the past. Maybe it’s time to plan a new vacation?

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Fortunately, longing for a holiday tour is usually short-lived. You can immerse yourself in planning a new trip. Waiting for new emotions, our working efficiency becomes better. Anyway, your work helps to earn enough money for new adventures. If you follow these tips when you return from vacation, you will quickly back into regular life

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