7 Signs He’s Cheating On You

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How do you know when your boyfriend is cheating on you? Here are 7 indicators.

  1. He goes off the grid fairly often. 

It’s normal to not keep in contact with your man 24/7, but if he seems to always be MIA, something’s probably up. 

  1. His phone is “always dead.”

That’s a likely story.  

  1. He takes his phone whenever he leaves the room.

Are you wondering why he always brings his phone in the bathroom with him? Or why he sticks it in his pocket when he goes to the kitchen for a glass of water? Your suspicions could be legit.

  1. When he does have his phone in the room, he leaves it screen-side down. 

He’s clearly paranoid about you seeing something come across his phone screen. Shady!

  1. Your friends see him on Tinder.

There’s never an excuse to have a dating app while you’re in a serious relationship. If he made the excuse that he deleted the app but not his profile… girl you’ve got some serious thinking to do. Challenge him on it. 

  1. He’s no longer interested in bedroom fun.

If you’re noticing that you’re having less sex, but can’t put your finger on why, you might want to question your man. While relationships can go through “seasonal” changes, his desires shouldn’t disappear overnight. 

  1. He deflects.

If you question him about his whereabouts or why he hasn’t been answering you lately and he snaps at you, calling you needy, annoying, or the like, he could be deflecting. Guilt sometimes manifests itself as paranoia and irritability. 


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