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A Complete Guide To Choosing Italian Wines

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Italy is known as one of the winery regions in the world. It is known to craft several of the world’s most notable wines. They also have a specific and particular grape varietal grown, which make this region a peculiar one. You can find lots of wines in the market that comes in the most incredible taste and some of these wines came from Italy. 

The Italian vineyard holds a total of 800 grape varietals and all of these makes around 20 labels of the world’s most excellent wines. They were able to sustain every wine label they make since then and had delivered impeccably flavored wines to all palates of wine lovers. It is the main reason why the country has made a glorious historical adventure of fine winemaking compared to other regions.

The vast choice of Italian wine labels gives every wine lover a chance to pick the bottle they would love to drink. Each Italian wine label is also crafted to serve a different kind of situations, events, and most especially for food pairing purposes. That said, it is also true that choosing the best Italian wine label can sometimes deem as a problem for some. Here is a complete guide you can take on how to select the most prestigious Italian wine labels to taste. 

The Top Wine Regions Of Italy

Italy is composed of three foremost wineries regions. Each of them has their label to boast. Some of them also has made a historic bottle of wine, which made the winery business famous. Here are they. 

Tuscany – Tuscan wine region in Italy is probably the most famous wine estate you can find in the said country. It is a region in Italy that does not only offer collective images of Italy such as castles and hillsides. The estate is known to have endless views of a vineyard which nourishes most of Sangiovese grape varietals. The estate is also known to produce Sangiovese made wines which are mixed with famous Bordeaux blends like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Piedmont – it is an Italian wine estate located in the northwest corner of Italy. They are known to produce the most concentrated and most elegant red wine labels in the country. Barbaresco and Barolo are some of the signature wine labels you can find in this estate. The region also produces the most desirable wine labels made up of three grape varieties, which are solely nourished in this area. The grape varietals include dolcetto, barbera, and nebbiolo

Alto Adige – Alto Adige is an Italian wine estate located along the Italian Alps. The place is said to be the home of the world’s most stunning vineyards. It is also one of the distinguished winery regions in Italy produces notable white wines. Pinot Grigio is one of the leading wine labels this region has crafted. The wines that they made are also known to exude a perfect flavor of aroma, dryness, crispness, and style. You will also see a lot of white wine labels they made as one of the top choices in the winery market. 

Italian Top Wine Labels 

Here are some of the top Italian wine labels you must know. 

2015 Vietti Barolo Rocche di Castiglione 

The 2015 Vietti Barolo Rocche di Castiglione is one of Italian’s most distinguished and most unique wines. It is made from the most reliable grape varieties such as light notes, spices, cedar, dried wood, and roses. The taste of this wine comes in high density that lets you appreciate every drop once it touches your palate. The tannin content is firm and shows a thorough elegance once tasted. 2015 Vietti Barolo Rocche di Castiglione is also deemed as one of the most beautiful vintage Italian wines being crafted. 

2013 Vietti Barolo Ravera 

It is a wine that shows off overall translucence of what Italian winery culture can offer. It came from the most breathtaking aroma of fabulous ingredients like limited grape varietals. The taste of this wine begins in the utmost precision creating an extravagant feeling in your mouth. It is genuinely a fantastic wine label that has never gone out of style since it was crafted. You can never go wrong when you choose to taste this type of wine. 

2004 Vietti Barolo Lazzarito 

It is an Italian wine label that carries an in-depth taste of excellence directly to your palate. It comes in perfectly refined ingredients such as sweet toast, tar, licorice, smoke, and oak essence. The personality of this wine is impressive, which can stay longer inside your palate once you taste it. 

2013 Vietti Barbaresco Masseria 

It is an Italian wine that displays a thorough expression and at the same time comes in a large scale taste. It comes in deep and striking intensity which uses most of Nebbiolo grape varietals. The feeling of this wine comes very richly and intensely, which creates an explosion in your palate once you sip a glass of it. The 2013 Vietti Barbaresco Masseria is one of the most exceptional Italian wine you can find. 

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