A Young Professional’s Guide To Getting Ahead In A New Job

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Getting your first job or even your second or third as a young professional can be pretty daunting, you’ve nailed the interview and are starting the job and as you’re in a new environment, you’re out of your element and still, you want to make an impression and get ahead! So don’t worry, take a deep breath and read through this handy guide to getting ahead in a new job.

Get To Know Your New Role

Take time to familiarize yourself with your new role. There will be an understanding that there is a settling in period, especially if this is your first position. Ask questions and follow the example of more senior members of the workforce and you should be fine over time. Try to avoid getting involved in office politics as no doubt whenever and wherever you start a new job there will be someone telling you negative things about someone else, don’t get involved and make your own mind up and forge your own relationships.

Take Time To Immerse Yourself In The Company Culture

Every business and every company has a culture and this can vary from workplace to workplace. It may take a bit of time to get used to how they do things and try to take any constructive criticism well as you adjust to different methods.

Be Prepared To Dress Appropriately

There will be a dress code in every office and it may be formally written down or just expected, but you will be able to get an idea of what it is soon enough. So keep smart and formal and dress in a way that is professional and stylish, shop at good stores for each item, everything is important from your suit to getting a shirt and that it all comes together as a complete outfit.

Network Whenever Possible 

One of the most valuable things you can collect as a young new start in business is contacts, who you know is key in getting on. Contacts can be both internal and external as you want to know the important people in your organization and, more importantly, that they know who you are and if you make a good impression it can only help you achieve progression in your role. External contacts are also essential as the more people you know in the industry will help in knowing who to work with on certain projects, also you can find out opportunities at other companies if needed.

Listen When Appropriate & Take Initiative When Appropriate

Showing you are competent and taking initiative can be a great way to get noticed and rewarded in the workplace. You should, however, be sure you are not going beyond your role or position in the company and taking risks that could cause harm and get you in trouble at work. Sometimes it’s best to follow the example of those more experienced and it’s great to come up with new ideas but be sure to get the go-ahead for any big changes to the way you do things from the bosses.

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