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Antique Features to Add to Your London Home

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While many people might be eager to incorporate the latest mod-cons and contemporary interior designs into their property, they can often lack the charm, history and elegance of period features. 

If the thought of a modern home makes you shudder, and you want to develop a timeless, attractive space that stands out from the properties on your street, here are antique features you should add into your London home.

Install an Antique Fireplace

An antique fireplace is one feature that is sure to grab people’s attention when they walk into a room. What’s more, it can make your property appear warm, cozy and inviting, regardless of whether a fire is roaring or not.

Rather than walking into a store to find the first attractive fireplace you can find, you must take the time to discover a feature that adds a sense of history and character into your home. 

For example, you could visit Westland London to choose from a wide array of antique fireplaces from various historical eras. When visiting a Westland London showroom, you’ll be able to take your pick from Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian or Art Deco styles, which can turn your house into a breathtaking home.

Apply Elegant Crown Molding

Allow your home to exude style and sophistication by installing attractive crown molding around the edges of a ceiling. Rather than spending a substantial sum on expensive plaster coving, you could install a light poly coving into your living room, bedroom and/or dining room, which can add a sense of character and history into a modern space. 

Use Natural Materials

While vinyl and laminate surfaces can be sleek and stylish, they will fail to add a period charm into your interior design. If you want your London property to appear older than its years, you should incorporate natural materials into rooms across the home.

For example, you should consider the following options in your home:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Wood countertops
  • Ceramic tiles

Your home will appear as if it is from a bygone era, which can make people fall head over heels in love with your property. If, however, you do opt for hardwood flooring, select wide-plank flooring that will offer a more antique appearance over narrow boards.

Consider Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles were all the rage during the 1880s. While they might not be as popular as they once were, they could become a unique focal point in your kitchen. For example, you can guarantee the stunning tiles will look perfect as a vintage backsplash, which can add some historical charm into the much-used space.

Add Bead-board Wainscoting

Transform a boring, plain wall by installing bead-board wainscoting, which commonly appears in older homes across London and covers the lower area of a wall. While its original purpose was to cover rising damp, it is now a decorative feature that can improve the look and feel of your décor.

The bead-board is also easy to install, but many people often choose to add the most attractive design to their property’s main floors and incorporate simple styles within their family quarters.

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