Be On Trend This Winter With Your Accessories

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Winter is fast approaching, and that means that you may be changing your style in a different way. You are possibly looking at layering up, wearing warmer clothes like jeans, trousers and jumpers, and definitely pulling out the winter coat. But, amongst a sea of knitwear and all things woolen the accessories for an outfit can be a little lost. Winter is no excuse to forget about how you style your outfit, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do. 

Accessories can transform your look. It can change the way you feel in an instant, and it can also have a positive effect on your outfit. What you do when it comes to those little additions can take an outfit from a daytime look to an evening wow with just a few tweaks here and there. But, sometimes people can feel a little lost with what to do and what not to do. So here are a few suggestions to help you stay on trend with your winter accessories this season. 

Hats galore

Winter is the ideal time for you to start thinking about wearing hats, even if you aren’t particularly a hat person. The weather allows for it, which makes it perfectly acceptable for you to rock a woolly hat as part of your complete outfit. You can choose a bold color, or decide to be a little more understated. Woolly hats come in all different styles. You have the fluffy bobble hat, the beret, and even a trilby hat can look stylish in the winter months. Try putting one on yourself and see how it could really add a new detail to your look. 

Don’t forget the scarf

If you are rocking the hat, then you can rock the scarf as well. You can do this in two different ways. You can choose to match up your scarf to your hat, and many retailers sell them in sets so it can be quite easy to do this. Or you can be a little bolder and choose to mix and match and wear different colors or even different materials. Winter doesn’t mean your outfits have to be boring, and a scarf can be a great way to add another layer to your outfit. 

Make a statement with your jewelry

One of the biggest ways you can accessorize your outfit is through your choice of jewelry. You can be quite bold with your choices as mostly a lot of outfits will consist of plain jumpers and jeans. Using statement necklaces and being really bold with colors, materials and styles can add a touch of glam to an ordinary look. You could even invest in different pieces and discover more about different styles and regions of necklaces. Another way to be bold would be to have statement earrings. A lot of the time a top will have a high neck, and so it gives you the perfect opportunity to accentuate your neckline with statement earrings. Other jewelry accessories to go crazy with would be bracelets and rings, and stacking them is still on trend this season. 

The bag can make a difference

Adding a bag can be a great way to give your outfit a new look, and the choice of the bag can be a big indicator of whether or not you are dressing for the day or the evening. A larger tote could be seen as the “day” bag of choice whereas a stylish clutch or an investment piece like a Gucci bag could be a great way to add some glam to an evening outfit. Bags are often seen as a necessity, after all, you need a place for your phone, purse and keys amongst everything else. But they can also be a feature of your outfit. 

Belts and the things you may forget

Sometimes we can forget that there are other ways we can add details to what can be seen as a plain and understated outfit. For example, a pair of jeans can be instantly changed when adding a belt. It could be something simple like a plain black leather option, or you can choose to use this as your chance to add some color. There can also be subtle ways to add small details such as having socks on show and deciding to have a different color to add a layer to your overall outfit. Tights can also be a great addition to an outfit when wearing a skirt or a dress, and you could choose to be simple with black or nude or be a little more out there with colors. 

Wow with your footwear

Winter is the ideal time to be bold with your footwear. We all know that the weather presents itself to be a great opportunity for boots. But there are so many styles, which one do you prefer? The ankle boots have grown in popularity of late, and they can be a great choice for during the day and the night. Calf and knee-high boots are also great options, and they look great with dresses and skirts teamed with tights. Over the knee boots can also look great with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses. They are a great way to add a bit of something to an outfit and an opportunity to dress for the day or the night. 

Winter sun, no problem 

This season doesn’t always mean that you start to feel colder weather and the rain, you can still get some epic bright and sunny days. So on these days, the perfect accessory would be your sunglasses. It can definitely be a great addition and can also enable you to be able to enjoy the sun for as long as it lasts. 

Be adventurous with your coat choice 

Finally, the winter coat should be the finishing article to your outfit, but you don’t always need to stick with the big one. There are many styles of coat you can choose. The trench coat, the parka, and even a shorter jacket to add a more casual vibe to your outfit. 

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can accessorize your winter outfits this season. 


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