Does Your Car Match Your Lifestyle?

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There’s no shortage of cars out there to buy, and sometimes we get drawn to whatever has the best style (and, in our lowest moments, how sleek, shiny, and colorful the vehicle is). While we could following an instinctive path when it comes to choosing which car we’ll invest in, it makes a lot more sense to take a more practical and considered approach. This will help you to find a vehicle that’s suitable for you, your lifestyle and your needs. Below, we take a look at some of the considerations that you’ll want to come in mind. 

In the City

The car that’s right for you will depend on what city you live in. If you live in New York City, especially nearby to Manhattan, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need any car at all — the public transportation system is too good, and can be much faster (not to mention less stressful) than driving. But most people don’t live in cities with outstanding bus and train links. As such, when it comes to buying a vehicle, you should focus on those small, compact vehicles that are easier to park in tight spaces. And a smart stop/start system is recommended too, since you’ll spend more time in bumper to bumper traffic. 

Outdoor Adventures

Most people don’t live in cities, at least not major cities. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll need to have a vehicle that can handle the outdoors with ease. Driving can be a lot tougher in non-urban areas, especially in mountainous areas. As such, it’s recommended that you look for a car that can comfortably handle more difficult terrain, such as a used range rover Evoque. You’ll also want to factor in the extremity of the weather, too — there’s nothing worse than buying a vehicle and coming to realize that it doesn’t handle heavy rainfall as well as it should. 

Practical Matters 

As well as your environment, you’ll also need to think practically about the car that you need. For example, how many people are in your family, are you expecting to have any more during the lifespan of the vehicle, and what does an average weekend look like? People are usually fine at choosing a car that can get seat everybody comfortably, but then forget that they need to also fit in big sports equipment bags or camping supplies from time to time. Always make sure you’ve got enough space.

Watching the Budget 

You’ll have a budget for the amount that you can afford to spend on your new vehicle, but if you’re pushing your finances to the limit to get a car, then it’s imperative that you’re thinking about the additional costs the car will incur. The vehicle itself is just a starting point. You’ll also need to think about how much insurance will be, the cost of repairing the vehicle should it break down, and — perhaps most importantly of all — the all-important MPG (miles per gallon) number. You don’t want to spend more on gas each week than you should.  


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