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Five essential garden tools for creating your designer garden

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If you have a garden in front of your house or surrounding it, then guests are bound to see your garden first, which is why it should always be well maintained. Gone are the days of simple gardens with rows of plants at the edges; now, designer gardens are in fashion. What is a designer garden? A designer garden is a garden adequately designed with a pre-planned layout. Modern designer gardens are not only plants and trees, but small havens that look something out of a fairy tale with stone paths, artificial ponds, wooden bridges and many more accessories. 

 To create a designer garden, you essentially need three things; A properly designed layout (by you or a professional), patience and time to invest and the best garden tools for maintenance. 

 There is a variety of garden tools that you can easily find. Most garden tools are necessities, and any home with a decent garden is bound to store a few. But there are a few essential garden tools that are needed to create and maintain a designer garden. Having the right tools and the essential tools is necessary to be able to care for your garden. Aston Sheds, an online retailer, offers a wide variety of tools and accessories to create the perfect garden.

Here are five essential garden tools:

Long-handled Weeding Tool 

 A weeding tool is usually a prong that is used to loosen the dirt around the weeds and then pull it out of the ground. Usually, when using a short-handled weeding tool, you would have to work on your knees which will harm your knees and have your back bent for a long while. A long-handled weeding tool can be used while standing up, so it makes work easier.

Garden Shears

 Garden shears are an essential tool because eventually, you will need to shear hedges, shrubs and trees. These can also come in handy for trimming grass along pavement edges or flower bed edges.

Japanese Gardener’s Knife

 A tool that can help you with several issues, a Japanese gardener’s knife is one of the favourite garden tools of professionals. It has a saw blade that can be used to cut roots. The knife can also be used in the place of a trowel allowing you to dig, plant bulbs and weed. The pointed end of the knife can be used as a crevice tool.

Small Watering Can 

 Watering cans do not seem like essential gardening tools, but there may be parts of your garden that a hose cannot reach. A bucket can come in handy, but a watering can is easier to manoeuvre to higher places and nooks to water plants. If you plan to have creepers in your garden or hanging pants, a small watering can, which is easier to handle, is an essential tool.

Step Ladder

Not a common gardening tool but an essential one to create a designer garden. A small wooden step ladder will help you reach higher places, including treetops and top edges of hedges. You can easily use your step ladder to trim the hedges and trees yourself.


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