Freelancers Can Do Everything Online, Or Can They?

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As a direct result of their unique position, freelancers have a matter-of-fact approach to businesses. Indeed, unlike small businesses, freelancers have created their career path alone. For many of them, the typical professional environment is a confined home office or a cozy coffee shop with an Internet connection. Consequently, they have learned to rely on themselves to establish their business presence online and attract new clients. Indeed, the digital revolution has made it easier for independent professionals to provide services all over the world without needing to commute. Ultimately, digital freedom is precisely what freelancers crave – and it gives them the flexibility they require to manage their work/life balance. 

However, it would be foolish to assume that freelancers rely only on themselves to maintain their digital business. Indeed, even independent professionals can’t afford to work entirely alone. Many freelancers need to outsource some of their digital needs to experts who can help them to support their business. 

Sure, you can promote your brand

The Internet is a vast realm full of opportunities. While it is a crowded market, it also is the first place where new clients are going to look for your services. Freelancers are well aware that they need to change their attitude to brand awareness when they quit their office job to embrace an independent career. While office employees rely essentially on their LinkedIn profile to appeal to the relevant employers, freelancers actively need to focus on their website to attract relevant leads. Many choose a DIY approach to web presence, using intuitive self-building platforms such as or WordPress to create a website. Additionally, freelancers who want to do business under their own name leverage their existing social media presence to introduce their services and build a community. 

But you also need professional designs

Building your presence online is no guarantee that your audience is going to notice you, let alone take you seriously. Freelancers compete against established companies that benefit from a professionally branded presence. Even when you work as a solo expert, you need a brand to introduce your business to the market. Indeed, from the perspective of your target audience, your brand acts as a seal of trust that brings everything together. While you can find logo templates online to create your independent business vision, successful freelancers have found that working with professional designers could make a significant difference. You have to consider that your logo and color palette are the first visual interactions your audience get with your business presence. Ensuring the interaction creates a positive impression can boost your chances. 

You can work remotely

As a freelancer, you are in charge of creating your perfect office environment. Depending on your cash flow and work routine, you might prefer a peaceful home office rather than join a shared workplace community. Indeed, professions that require huge amounts of concentration and creativity are more likely to enjoy an independent workplace setup in the comfort of their own home. For freelancers, creating an office from scratch can be a beneficial experience. For a start, you can skip debates with your boss to figure out whether or not you can order a second monitor. Instead, you can build a space that works for you. From dual monitor setup to indulging in a 27-inch single display, your options are infinite! 

But how do you maintain your connectivity?

Unfortunately, while setting up your workplace at home might seem easy at first, freelancers are the first to suffer when they encounter It issues. Indeed, keeping track of your IT updates and maintaining devices compatibility to avoid any dramatic tech crashes that could corrupt your data is hard work, especially if you’re not a trained IT consultant. According to Think Technologies Group, working alongside an IT partner to manage your workplace solutions can not only prevent issues but also, in the long term, creates a more productive and efficient setup. 

There is no denying that freelancers need to apply a hands-on approach to day-to-day business tasks if they want to remain competitive. However, outsourcing essential IT jobs can make a great deal of difference when it comes to maximizing their business presence. Indeed, relying on brand designers and managed IT solutions to create a trustworthy and reliable business is vital to establishing your position on the market. 

Ideally, a freelancer should be ready to outsource all digital tasks that hinder their productivity, from complex web development solutions to SEO campaigns too. However, it’s fair to say that IT functions are given priority as a result of their ROI potential. Indeed, when working on a tight budget, freelancers choose to outsource first IT jobs that will drive immediate benefits. 


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