How to Best Protect Your Expensive Tech

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In the last few decades, our smart phones have become almost as much of an extension of our lives as another person. We do everything with our phones: take pictures of our most intimate moments, call our loved ones, handle business, even do school-work on them.

The worst things can happen to our phones: dropping them, cracking the screens, getting them run over by cars, dropping them in water… almost anything imaginable! With how important phones have become to us, and how fragile and expensive they are, it’s so important to protect the one thing that is consistently there for us every day. The best and most effective way to protect your smartphone is by covering up all those exposed edges with a great phone case.

There are thousands of phone cases in the world. We all want to protect our hand-held computers! But with the huge amount of choices available to us, how can you know you’ve picked the right one? A case that’s stylish, protective, unique, and fits your style? Here are some tips you can use to choose a cute Samsung Galaxy case that’s just right for you.

A Case to Protect from Impact

The best material to protect from impact is a rubber material that will absorb shock and bounce back when it hits the ground. If you’re really prone to dropping your phone, it’s best to get a case with a shock-absorbing material. A plastic case won’t do anything for impact protection due to a far drop. You also want to think about how thin or heavy you’re okay with your phone case being: a really protective case will end up being heavy and bulky, which might not fit very well in a smaller purse or slimmer-fit clothing.

What Kind of Protection Do You Need?

Think about what kind of accidents you’re prone to. Do you tend to be around a lot of water (life-guarding, swimming), or spend a lot of time in dangerous environments (military, construction, etc.)? Or maybe you take the metro often and fear dropping it on the tracks? Either way, consider what you do during your daily life and what sort of protection level you need. If you don’t have a lot of risks involved in your day-to-day life, you can probably get away with a lower-impact resistant phone case.

What’s Your Style?

There are millions of different styles of cases available to you for phone cases. You have to consider what you’re going for: protection or style. If it’s protection, your color and design options will be much more limited. If you’re looking for something that will go with a lot of different outfits and styles, go with a slimmer case that is a neutral color — maybe even clear to show of your awesome phone!

Screen Protectors

Some phone cases will have screen protectors built in, especially if they are very rugged and waterproof. Most, however, will only cover the corners, so you’ll have to consider for yourself if a screen protector is something that you need. If you tend to throw your phone in a bag around loose keys and junk, it’s likely your screen might get scratched. Also, if the worst should happen and you do drop your phone and crack your screen, a screen protector would at least keep all the shards in place and keep you from getting a cut.

Of course, no phone case is completely human-proof. There’s always the potential for your phone to hit that perfect corner and ruin your whole day. The only way to completely ensure its safety is to keep it in your pocket as often as possible, and avoid using it (if you can… let’s be honest). However, having a phone case drastically lowers your risk of dings, scratches, and screen shatters. It’s the least you can do to ensure the safety of your precious mobile device!

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