How To Dress For Your Body Shape

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It’s A Plus Size Guide

When it comes to shopping knowing what clothes work for your body is a secret weapon. It can seem like a trail, as nobody gets this right on the first try.  However, don’t be discouraged!

To help we’ve put together a guide on some of the different body types and what clothes look best.

Top Tip: Most women will find themselves a mix of shapes below; use these tips only as a guideline. Mix and match tips based on what feels best for your body!

Apple Shape

Ladies who have an apple shape body will usually have a fuller bust and carry their weight in their midsection. While this can be frustrating for finding pants that fit your waist and legs, why not opt in for looser fabrics or mid-rise skinny jeans. Belted dresses and jackets can help define the midsection, or try a hip length jacket on to draw focus to your legs. If you find an item, you love that doesn’t quite fit, but be afraid to ask if the store offers to tailor to perfectly suit your shape!

Shopping Guide: When shopping lookout for, A-line cuts, printed bottoms with vertical and elongating patterns, dresses and skirts that have deep cuts and short hems, skinny jeans.

Pear Shape

The pear shape, named for thick thighs and a narrow upper body. Show off with a bodycon dress to accentuate your shape! Details on the top half of your dress will help strike a balance between your lower half. This balance should be your focus when stepping into any shop. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try accessories like scarves or a statement necklace to achieve this balance!

Shopping Guide: When shopping lookout for, Tops with unique necklines or prints, fitted skirts, high waisted pants, belts to show off your waist and a darker bottom.

Hourglass Shape

The common characteristics of the hourglass shape is a defined waist with an equally sized chest and lower body. Dressing up this shape means bringing full attention to your curves and rocking anything with a fitted bodice. Much like the Apple Shape, you’ll want to find clothes that fit your bust, so why not try a classic strapless cut cinched at the waist to show off at your next party. While clothes should still have a little give, avoid anything too oversized as you don’t want to hide your body under the fabric.

Shopping Guide: When shopping lookout for, pencil skirts are great for showing off your curves and legs. Belted tunics, high waisted jeans, peplum cuts, structured tops that flare out at the hips and fitted jackets or blazers.

Rectangle Shape

Much like the hourglass, rectangle shapes have perfectly proportionate busts and thighs, the significant difference between these two types lies in the waist definition. The key to dressing this shape lies in creating a waist but also showing off your long and beautiful body. Don’t be afraid to try bold prints or jumpsuits as they’ll look great on your tall build.

Shopping Guide: When shopping lookout for, short fitted jackets that cut off at your waist, shirts to tuck into mid waisted pants or skirts, asymmetrical necklines, wide leg jeans, anything that cinches at the waist if you’re looking to create curves and don’t forget to try some bold prints.

Inverted Triangle

Woman with the inverted triangle or sometimes commonly known as pyramid shape will have a fuller bust and broader shoulders. To dress up this shape, focus on creating a balance by minimising your top half or accentuating your slender hips and legs. Essential items like tops with wide straps or flare dresses can help achieve this look. Otherwise, a simple pencil skirt, paired with a simple top can give the illusion of larger hips.

Shopping Guide: When shopping lookout for, darker tops and bright bottoms, circle or pencil skirts, asymmetrical or bateau necklines, tunics and wrap-style dresses to cut the waist.


Over the past years, women’s plus size clothing has become much more accessible Australia wide, so it’s in your best interest to shop around and find the types cuts and styles that feel the most comfortable.

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