How to Make Your Party Stand Out From the Crowd

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There’s much to love about hosting a party. You get to bring your friends and family together, create an evening in your image, and have a night to remember. While there’s not much wrong with inviting people around and simply seeing what happens, if you really want to do things correctly, then it’s recommended that you go the extra mile. By taking a bit of time and including a few welcome extras into the proceedings, you can make your party stand out from the crowd. We take a look at a few ideas on how you can do this below. 

Get a Theme

A party where people slowly turn up as and when they want, or a party where people turn up ready to have an evening of fun? If you’re hosting a party without an anchor (such as, it’s someone’s birthday), then you could consider having a theme for the gathering. This can be related to whatever you want — so long as it’s not overly complicated and you know it’ll look good on the dance floor, then it’ll be a winner. If not a theme directly, then perhaps a dress code — everyone looks better when they’re dressed up.

Party Decorations

It’s also great when you walk into a party, look around, and think, “wow, this place looks fantastic.” So no matter what venue you choose for your event, make sure that you’re taking the time to dress up the interior. There are plenty of decoration ideas that’ll make your venue look the party. The aim is to essentially transport your guests to another world. As soon as they walk through the doors, it should feel as if they’re entering a space that was designed with good vibes in mind.

Food and Drinks

Sure, there’s not all that much wrong with simply having a well-stocked bar, and letting the drink side of the party take care of itself. While you won’t get too many complaints, it’s not necessarily going to make your party stand out from the crowd. For that to happen, you need to do things different. Let’s begin with your food. Offering plates of finger food is one thing, but it’s better to create an experience. So look at paella catering — people will love eating it, and it looks pretty cool when it’s being prepared in those big paella pans. For your drinks, include a DIY cocktail bar alongside the regular bar; people love adding those friends and additional ingredients, and creating a unique drink. 

Entertainment Options

If your party is going to live long in the memory, then it’s all about the entertainment. It’s the music, after all, that keeps the fun going on all night. If there’s money in the budget, look at hiring a band to get things warmed up. From there, it’s about having a DJ who can read a room, or having a 10/10 playlist that’ll keep people on the dance floor. A chill out area for when people want to relax will also be welcomed. 


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