How to Properly Care for Your Engagement Ring

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Many people view engagement rings as an investment, one that costs a bit of money and comes with the promise of spending a wonderful future together. Whether you have an engagement ring with a sapphire, ruby, emerald, or diamond stone, you need to take proper care of it to increase its lifespan and preserve its splendor.

If you’re currently feeling clueless and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. Proper ring care isn’t complicated; the tips below will help you keep your precious ring clean, safe, and shimmering for a lifetime or more.


  • Insure your engagement ring.


The sentimental value of your ring can’t be replaced. However, insurance is still essential to secure your financial investment in the event that it gets stolen, lost, or damaged. If you have an existing insurance policy, it might be possible to add the ring to it. As the value of precious and semi-precious stones and metals go up, you should consider appraising your ring every few years.


  • Clean your ring regularly.


If you’ve had your ring for a while and it doesn’t seem to be shining like it used to, chances are that there’s oil, dirt, or residue blocking the light interactions in the stone. To keep your ring stone clean and sparkling, you’ll want to clean it several times a year. You can have your ring cleaned by a professional jeweler, or you can go with a DIY ring cleaning with just warm water, soap, and a soft brush. Make sure to avoid using bleach and other abrasive chemicals as they can cause the metals to corrode.


  • Have it professionally checked.


Wearing your ring every day can cause its prongs or setting to loosen or bend. Therefore, taking your ring to a professional jeweler at least once a year is always advisable. All around maintenance is a good way to preserve the condition of your precious engagement ring. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the price as most jewelers will do a check for free, even if you didn’t buy your ring at their store.


  • Know when to take your ring off.


Keep in mind to always remove your ring during hands-on activities like gardening, moving furniture, exercising, and doing manual labor. The same applies to some outside activities like swimming, paddling, and kayaking. By taking your ring off at appropriate moments, you’ll increase its longevity and reduce the chances of losing it.

If you need to take your ring off to wash your hands or wash the dishes at home, consider placing some ring dishes around the house. This will help you immediately find the ring once you’re ready to put it on again. 


  • Know when to keep your ring on.


Try to avoid taking your ring off in public places. When washing your hands in a public restroom, refrain from taking off your ring since there’s a chance it may end up sliding down the drain or be completely forgotten.

Also, if you need to do something that involves manual labor and there are plenty of people around you, it may be a good idea not to take off your ring. If you really have to, consider putting it in a secure and tight pocket to avoid misplacing or losing it.


  • Refrain from touching the stone.


It might not seem like touching the center stone has a real impact; however, every time you touch the stone, you’re loosening up the setting, as well as introducing body oil, dirt, and dust to it, dulling its shine. 

Properly caring for your engagement ring helps keep the memories fresh

Do you remember how your engagement ring looked like the first time you laid your eyes on it? How about the feelings that overtook you when you realized you were finally engaged? Those moments are equally as precious as the ring you now have on your finger, which is why it’s important to preserve the ring for its financial and sentimental value.

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