How To Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously All The Time

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It is incredibly easy to take yourself seriously in this life. Take a moment to think of two things you don’t like about yourself. We’ll wait. Now, take the time to think about two things you do like about yourself. We would heavily bet that you found the first exercise much easier to do.

Why is that? Even those with somewhat of a light and optimistic personality can find themselves being drawn to negativity quite easily. Say you are at a party and you tell a joke, but it doesn’t land. All of a sudden, you think yourself the pariah of the group, unwelcome at the party, someone who should never utter anything in the spirit of comedy again because it will fail every time. But you know that’s not true. Perhaps your reference went over their heads. Perhaps they just thought you were being serious due to your deadpan delivery. 

And perhaps, just perhaps, no one really noticed and you are taking yourself way too seriously. This can truly lead to emotional damage should you keep it up. So, let us consider how to stop taking yourself so seriously all the time – with these humble tips:

Replace Seriousness With Sincerity

Seriousness is not the goal. But sincerity is. When you are sincere, you care about things. You’re emotionally invested and understand the importance of something. But you are also not clinging to the outcome so hard that it topples you over. Say there is a job that you really want. You apply for it with your best resume and try your best in the interview room. You know this would change your life, so you are clinging to the outcome tightly. Except, unfortunately, you are not asked for a second interview. Seriousness leads you to overeat, to have a drink that evening, or to chastise yourself. Sincerity allows you to feel the disappointment and sadness but to process it well. You will notice this the more you keep it as part of your daily life. 

Have Fun

Do not forget to have fun. When with friends we can loosen our overly-grave mannerisms and instead forget ourselves a little. Why look glum when you can book a weekend getaway with your friends, wearing those beautiful short shorts you’ve wanted to try on for some time, swimming in the ocean and learning how to surf for the first time? It’s this that keeps life varied and textured, and it is no great mistake to chase fun. If you can do this, you’ll have a much lighter sense of yourself.

Joke Abou t Yourself

It seems that in many corners of society, joking is becoming more and more taboo. But laughing at ourselves is something that we can truly learn from. It helps us stop seeing ourselves in the worst environment and instead helps us recognize our flaws and find them hilarious, or to even enjoy them. Make a joke about yourself. There’s no need to be overly self-deprecating. But a good sense of humor can always be self-orienting.

With this advice, you’re sure to stop taking yourself so seriously all the time. We hope you find out just how freeing this can be.

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