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How You Can Bring The Natural World Into Your Home Decor

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There are few things that make a home feel more complete than bringing the beauty of the natural world into your space. Here are some tips on how you can do that…

Bring Plants Inside

Naturally the easiest way to bring the natural world into your home is to physically bring plants inside. If you aren’t a fan of cut flowers – they die quickly and are often expensive – then why not go for small flowering plants instead? You can also easily grow cacti and ferns inside your house. Just make sure you take a look at the instructions – it’s easy to over-water cacti and succulents and lead them to an early grave. If you like cooking, you could also go for your own herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, where they will get plenty of light. Adding homegrown basil, rosemary and mint to your cooking feels incredibly satisfying and the plants will also add a pleasant aroma to your kitchen whenever you walk in there.


Pick A Theme

Of course, ‘nature’ isn’t a completely homogenous thing – depending on where you are in the world, nature can comprise multitudes. So it’s a good idea to decide on a natural theme when you’re decorating a room so that it doesn’t get jumbled up and unclear. If you want your home to represent the natural world, you could even go for a different theme in each room. Decorating your bathroom in a seaside theme is popular – include driftwood and shells in your decor. You might even be able to pick up some weathered glass that you can use as decoration. You can also think wider – what about focusing on the natural beauty of the night sky in your bedroom? Dark blue walls with hints of gold and silver would create an incredibly calm space that will be a delight to use.


Focus On Natural Light

It’s time to let the light into your home: make sure that you open your curtains and blinds first thing in the morning to use natural instead of artificial lighting. Skylights are a great way to let light into your bedroom – just make sure you invest in blackout blinds so you don’t get woken up by the sun.

Consider Your Colours

Take a look at photographs and think carefully about what you see there. It’s so easy to think of ‘nature’ as a blending of different shades of greens and browns but the truth is so different. On a cloudy day, the sky is slate grey; purple and mauve heathers pepper a lot of hillsides; there are few places with a wider range of bright colours than a meadow in springtime. Bringing the natural world into your home doesn’t mean that you need to stick to a muted, green and brown only colour palette. 


Use Natural Materials

Probably the best way that you can bring the natural world into your home is by using natural materials. This is generally also incredibly eco friendly and good for the environment: we are all trying to cut down on the use of plastics in our everyday lives and when considering your home decor this is still important and relevant. Use materials like slate and wood on your floors, and eschew fibres like polyester in favour of cotton and linen. When it comes to actually decorating your home, make sure that you use eco friendly paints and glues. Furniture can also be natural, like reclaimed wood tables, and materials like wood and stone will generally also age a lot better than plastic, meaning that you won’t need to buy new furniture any time soon.


What About Running Water?

Not much is more relaxing and calming than the trickling sound of running water. When you’re hiking, the sweet relief of finding a spring or a small stream is incredible – you can collect water (if you have water purifying tablets, of course) and you can splash your hot skin with cool, clear water. Think about that sense of relief and consider how you can bring it into your home. A small fountain in the hallway with water trickling onto rocks is a great way to add a zen feeling when you come home at night. If you don’t have the time to look after a fountain, or if you’re the owner of a particularly inquisitive cat or dog who will probably destroy said fountain in a matter of minutes, why not invest in a machine that can play different sounds when you’re falling asleep at night? The sound of running water is incredibly soothing and will send you to sleep in no time.

Adding nature into your home will make it a calmer and more relaxing environment.

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