Important questions to ask your home inspectors

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Have you been eyeing a new place? A place looking just perfect to be your dream house! And you have all the finances planned too! You are all set to buy a new haven for yourself! But are you ready for the sudden expenses that may come your way after buying it? Are you prepared to bear a whole lot of problems in the house that you may need to tend to later (once you settle in it)? It seems like a dream crashing down, isn’t it? Not everything that shines is gold!



A house that may look beautiful from the outside may not be the same inside too. There may be tons of problems in its interiors and exteriors. Malfunctioning water heaters, leakage from the roof, drainage system not repaired, garage door unbalanced, cracks on walls and gutters being clogged – these are some of the problems that may not be visible when you go to check the property, but may still be existing out there. That is the reason home inspections in New Hampshire are mandatory before purchasing any property. 

 What can you ask your home inspectors to be assured about the property

The home inspectors basically check each and every corner of the property you are buying, and examine it thoroughly. Then after the detailed inspection, they create a report that is given to you. This report specifies each and every section and its problem in detail. It further lets you know the probable costs to repair the problems. But you may have some doubts at the time of inspection. In this case, you can make a list of questions to ask during a home inspection from Alpha Inspections. They will explain you every issue in a comprehensive manner and let you examine the area yourself too if you want (for this you should be present at the place during the time of inspection). Below we are listing some of the questions that you should ask the inspectors after the report is handed over to you. This can help you understand the reports better, and be more assured about your decision.

Can you summarise or shorten it please?

A home inspection report basically consists of a printed punched copy with each and every detail of the place elaborated finely. It would be report consisting of many pages. There can also be some terms and topics which would sound alien to you. Comprehending all that on your own may not be feasible! But you need to talk about the same with your seller and negotiate accordingly. And if you yourself can’t understand the details of the report, you can hardly debate on the issue with the seller. In this case, ask the inspector for a small meet up or let the inspector summarise the report to you highlighting the areas of concern.

Are the issues vast? 

Though they’ll be explaining each of the issue in detail, but no report will conclude the same saying whether you should or shouldn’t buy the place. That decision is left up to you — tally the various problems and decide the seriousness. But you can personally take their advice whether the problem really huge. They will still not advise you on your buying decision, but you can at least get an idea about the complexities and can get prepared accordingly.

Do I need an expert to recheck the problematic places? 

Though the inspector checked each of the places and penned down all the issues to you, but if there’s a specific area that has been highlighted a lot like electrical connections or drainage problems, an expert electrician or a plumber can guide you further about the repair expenses and the seriousness of the problem. You can ask the inspector if the expert advice and examination is needed, and then decide on the same accordingly.

Are the problems that are listed normal?

A home inspector inspects various homes daily. This can be their 1000th inspection, while yours would the first-time experience in buying a home. The reports on your hands have listed down the problems, but the overall decision can still be tough. You can thus ask the inspectors about the situation in detail. They can assure you or even warn you through their experience and knowledge, and then you can further think about your decision. 

A home inspection is always followed by a comprehensive report of the property within 2/3 days of the inspection. If you want to ask anything from the inspectors, please wait until this time.  But remember that in the end the decision is for you to make. What you can ensure is that your decision is an informed one.  


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