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Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Worth Wearing?

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Many silver purists like to give sterling silver jewelry a bad name. But is it worth buying and wearing? Find out here.

Sterling silver has become a popular choice for jewelry lovers. It has a beautiful color and sheen, and its versatility makes it a good choice for a variety of jewelry pieces. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces are beautiful in sterling silver. It’s perfect for your everyday accessories or a timeless statement piece.

Some people feel sterling isn’t as luxurious as pure silver or white gold, but, in fact, sterling silver is popular with jewelry designers for its beauty, durability, and malleability. If you’re wondering if sterling silver jewelry is worth buying and wearing, we have the answer.

Here are 9 reasons for adding sterling silver to your jewelry box.

Sterling Silver Is Affordable

If you don’t want to buy super expensive jewelry but don’t want the drugstore variety either, sterling silver is an affordable option. It’s a precious metal, but it’s much less expensive than gold or platinum. You can still pamper yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry without breaking the bank. Sterling silver has a gorgeous hue and sheen, and it’s great for your trendy or everyday jewelry. Whether you are at the office or out on the town, your sterling silver pieces are always an appropriate and affordable option for jewelry lovers.

Sterling Silver Is Durable

With minimal care, sterling silver will last a lifetime. It’s durable and a perfect choice if you lead an active lifestyle. Jewelry designers choose sterling silver for its beauty, durability, and versatile nature. A well-made piece will look the same decades later and may become a future family heirloom. If you have young children who are always reaching for your jewelry, sterling silver is more durable than gold. If you’re busy and on the go, the durable quality of sterling silver jewelry is a good option that looks beautiful with any outfit.

The Options Are Endless

Because of the malleability of silver, jewelers love to experiment with it. That means there are always new designs to choose from. You can find sterling silver pieces in a wide range of styles and design, so you’re sure to find pieces you will love. Whether you want a new ring, locket, pendant, or bracelet, there are thousands of options to choose from. It can be hard to tell at first glance if a piece of jewelry is solid silver or sterling silver. Once you learn the difference, you’ll see why sterling silver is a popular choice for jewelry designers.

A Solid Reputation

Sterling silver has a solid reputation in the jewelry world. The top jewelry designers choose silver for its beauty and endless design possibilities. When you buy a quality sterling silver piece, you are buying a high-end piece of jewelry that will hold its value and its beauty for the years to come. If you haven’t considered buying silver jewelry before, the beautiful designs and options may surprise you. You can feel good about adding silver pieces to your jewelry collection.

Silver Is Always on Trend

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, you know styles can be in one day and out the next. Silver is always popular and never goes out of style. New trends in jewelry may come along, but they will always include sterling silver. You can feel good about adding new pieces to your silver jewelry collection. Sterling silver jewelry looks great mixed with other types of metals because silver is so versatile and is always in fashion.

Sterling Silver Is Hypoallergenic

Jewelry that contains brass, nickel, or other types of metal can irritate your skin. Sterling silver will not cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. People who are allergic to other metals can wear sterling silver without worrying about their skin itching or turning red. This is especially important with earrings. If your pierced ears are sensitive, wearing the wrong earrings can result in irritation or an infected earlobe. Most people can wear sterling silver earrings without any fear of irritation.

Build Your Jewelry Collection

The affordability and the variety of options of silver jewelry allow you to build up your jewelry collection over time. You will love adding new pieces to your collection of rings, necklaces, or bracelets. You can build a collection with statement pieces and everyday pieces for all occasions. You can mix sterling silver pieces with your gold jewelry as well. Sterling silver is versatile and complements yellow and white gold.

If you love high-end jewelry, you will want to have some sterling silver pieces in your jewelry collection. Jewelers are using sterling silver to create unique, innovative designs, so you’re certain to find pieces you’ll love that will hold their beauty and value for many years to come.

Sterling Silver Is Easy to Maintain

Silver jewelry is stunning, but some people avoid it because they think it will tarnish. It’s a little disappointing to see a piece you haven’t worn in a while looking yellowed or discolored. It’s true that silver jewelry can tarnish over the years, especially if you don’t wear your pieces often. The good news is that wearing your silver jewelry can help prevent it from tarnishing.

The natural oils in your skin help keep your silver looking its best. Even if your silver pieces tarnish, there’s an easy fix to the problem. Cleaning your sterling silver with a special varnish will bring back the sparkle and restore its original shine.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Goes With Everything

Sterling silver has a gorgeous hue and shine. It looks amazing, and it goes with everything. Silver is the perfect accessory for that little black dress. You can pair your silver pieces with your office attire, your eveningwear, or jeans and a t-shirt. Silver is that versatile.

Not only can you wear silver jewelry with any outfit, but it also looks great with other types of jewelry. No matter what metal or gemstone you pair with it, sterling silver jewelry will complement the look. Be sure to check out our blogs on fashion, lifestyle, mind, and body, and so much more.



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