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Make Your Home Chic and Trendy: 7 Interior Décor Hacks

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Your home is your own little sanctuary and the place where you come to relax and recharge after a long day. Interior design won’t only make your living quarters beautiful, but also comfortable, cozy, and healthy.

There are numerous research studies that show that even elements such as color affect our mood and behavior; but you don’t have to be a therapist or a feng shui expert to understand that spending time in a beautiful, stylish space is good for your well-being and happiness. 

Luckily, decorating your home in a chic and trendy way doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag either. Here are a couple of hacks to transform your home into an oasis of happiness and positive vibes. 

1. Open Up Your Space With Mirrors

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Mirrors can make a room seem bigger than it actually is, which is why they’re great for small spaces. But apart from expanding walls and amplifying lights, mirrors can also liven up a boring, empty surface. They’ll help jazz it up, especially if they’re accentuated with beautiful, eye-catching frames. 

By putting a lamp in front of a mirror, you’ll create the illusion of more natural light in your home.

2. Transform Your Sofa With Modern Throws and Cushions

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/QtOFlR9VO1Y

If your sofa looks a bit tired and shabby, and you can’t afford an expensive new one, it’s possible to style it affordably with the help of an attractive, decorative throw and some cushions. Given that a sofa is usually the focal point of any living room, some interesting fabrics and designs can rejuvenate it and liven up your space effortlessly. 

3. Make Use of Serving Trays 

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Instead of sticking to their intended use, it’s a good idea to repurpose your decorative serving trays. These functional items don’t have to be hidden under the clutter of cups, saucers, and glasses – you can use them to organize your things in one place as well as give them an ornamental role by staging a visually pleasing display of candles, coasters, and flowers. 

4. Paint Your Doors in Vibrant Colors

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/8S96OpxSlvg

Make a statement by painting your front door in an intensive, glossy color. This will give your home a unique, individual feel and make it stand out. 

For example, violet gives a hint of sophistication and helps a door emanate a luxurious feel. Blue is considered a trustworthy, calming color, while green is linked to prosperity and wealth. 

You can do the same with the other doors in your home and add some pep to your every room. If you feel that it would be too overwhelming and intensive, you can opt for a subtler option and only paint the side of the door. 

5. Add Drawers Under Your Bed

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/PZxFRI4TPl0

Did you know that there are approximately 300,000 items in an average American home? It’s very likely that the situation is the same in many other countries. 

Clutter is ugly and makes your space feel cramped, but on top of it all, it’s also not good for your health as it increases stress, leads to respiratory issues, and even threatens your safety (how many times have you tripped over a misplaced item on the floor?) 

By installing drawers under your bed, you can store all the things you don’t use every day, and de-clutter your home without actually getting rid of your possessions.  

6. Decorate Your Surfaces With Marble Contact Paper

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/fdtiIAGvsyo

Marble countertops have been a kitchen staple for decades, but they come with one major setback: they’re expensive. You can overcome this financial obstacle by covering your counters with marble contact paper. It comes in different patterns, and it’s pretty functional as it’s waterproof and oilproof, which is great for protecting your kitchen furniture. 

But you don’t have to stop there – this adhesive faux marble can be used for refurbishing your shelves or side tables. 

7. Add Some Budget Art

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/KuudDjBHIlA

There’s no better way to fill dead space in your home than by investing in wall décor

You don’t have to chase after pricy pieces or famous artists when you can use what you already have or hunt for art in antique shops. You can even use your kids’ artistic endeavors or get interesting prints. The trick is to pick a good frame as it’s also artwork in its own right. Diversify your frames in terms of their shapes, sizes, and colors. 

As you can see, it’s possible to give your home a proper makeover without breaking the bank. 



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