Makeup Application Tips Your Makeup Artist Wants You to Know

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Makeup has the power to transform not only a person’s look, but their self confidence as well. There are so many different ways to apply makeup. Between liquid, powder, shimmer, glitter, creams, and stains, it can get tough navigating how to apply everything correctly. Luckily, there are some professionals who can help you look beautiful every day of the week. The following are some makeup application tips and tricks your makeup artist wants you to know.

Tame your eyebrows the easy way

If you have been blessed with great, full eyebrows, but don’t know how to tame them, put down the clear eyebrow gel! There’s no need for fancy potions when all you need is some hairspray and a clean spoolie brush. You simply take the clean spoolie, like an old mascara wand, spray it liberally with hairspray, and brush up the hair in short strokes. Then brush the hairs into place, and you’ll look pulled together in 30 seconds flat.

Add bronzer to your eyes for a pop

Bronzer doesn’t just have to be used on your cheeks! For some, it is the perfect shade of brown to offer a natural wash of color on their eyes. And in particular, if you are thinking of doing a full face with a slash of eyeliner but want to keep your eyes bare, reach for your bronzer. A quick sweep of the bronzer in your crease will help to open up your eyes and make them look bigger.

Use lash glue for glitter and jewels

If you want to be a bit blinged out, look no further than your lash extension glue! Not only is this glue great for your lashes, but it also doubles as an adhesive to place jewels in your inner corners or under your eyes. You may think you have to use harsher, craft glue to keep glitter and jewels attached to your skin, but lash glue works just as well and is easier to remove than other options. But be warned, as lash glue can look goopy underneath glitter if it is not applied properly. Use a brush to paint it on in very thin layers, and work sparingly for best results.

Set primer with loose powder

This might go against everything you originally thought about how powder and liquids interact with each other, but this trick surprisingly works! After you put on a thin layer of primer, to really get it to work and attach to your foundation, tap on some translucent powder, then go ahead and apply your foundation. When you do this, the powder keeps the primer in place, ensuring it doesn’t slide around so it can hold the foundation. 

Use scotch tape

The key to a perfectly-winged eyeliner and crisp eyeshadow is actually a trick that requires the use of some scotch tape. Simply angle a piece of tape from the corner of your eyelashes to the tip of the end of your brow, apply your eyeshadow and liner, and slowly peel the tape off. No need to have a steady hand when you can have a roll of tape at your disposal.

Use eye drops to minimize redness

If you have been suffering from red, blotchy skin or a big pimple that is about to burst, reach for some non-prescription eye drops. These are meant to remove redness from your eyes, so why wouldn’t it work on your skin? Pat it on before primer for the best results. This trick also works on dark circles that are caused by broken blood vessels under the eyes. One or two drops should work, though keep in mind, this will not work as great if your dark circles are hereditary. 

With these easy makeup tips in mind, you will be applying makeup like a pro in no time at all. So get to experimenting with that tips works best for you, and you’ll be putting that best face forward.

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