Outback Adventure: Planning Your Aussie Road Trip

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In this vast, wide country of ours, so many associate Australia and ‘the land down under’ with the outback and images of its red centre, red ochre dust-filled roads and eucalyptus trees that appear to align every one of them.

The hope of viewing a large group of kangaroos in the wild, bounding its way through what seems to be a limitless expanse of natural grassland or “bush” as locals love to call it. 

The sights of rugged cliffs and rushing waterfalls that fill gorges below. There is a variety of landmarks in this great continent of ours. 

So, whether you’re an Aussie, wanting to explore what the homeland has to offer or an overseas backpacker, wanting to discover, here is my guide to planning that Aussie road trip.

Getting the Car Serviced:  

So you’ve decided to take this trip. The first thing you should do before heading off on any lengthy road journey is to make sure it is roadworthy, safe to drive and that everything is in proper working order. 

If you’re heading out from Melbourne’s north-western suburbs in Victoria, getting a car service in Airport West is a good starting point. 

This way areas such as your brakes, tyres (including the spare), radiator and wheel alignment can be assessed and make sure that you’re not beginning your adventure on a bad note. 

Choosing your destination and route:

While starting in Victoria, choose the destination and the route you’re going to take.  This includes whether you are taking the main roads or feel confident enough to follow a less travelled route.

While the circumnavigation of this brilliant country is a great one to do, it is best to remember that “The Lap” can require many things.

It is best if you do this trek in a four-wheel-drive or vehicle that can handle rough terrain, particularly if going off-road. It also can require a large amount of free time, if you intend to see a large amount of the country. 

Stock up on necessary items:

If you are planning to travel certain routes, including off-road, make sure you stock up on items. These include those such as fuel, food and water.

Make sure you do an initial stock up of food, snacks and drinks at the start of the trip, and make sure you plan to find places “where you can fill up the tank“, as with such great lengths of country, there could be large gaps between replenishment.

You may think ‘Water, surely that isn’t so much a worry as fuel.’ However, going on any long road trip, particularly one through the Central outback regions, it can be quite important, as it can get quite harsh and hot.

Figuring out when you’re going to travel:

While planning your road trip, travelling at different times of the year can be more suitable, particularly with Australia’s various changes in weather and temperature.

While it may seem as if summer time would be the best time to travel, particularly if you have kids, with the long holiday period, it can depend on what you want to do.

If you are looking for a coastal holiday, summer can be a perfect time, as “the beaches are so inviting…” while wintertime in Victoria can be an ideal opportunity to head for the warmth of the northern tropics.

So when you plan your next trip, pack the car 

with the suitcase instead of the check-in desk. Remember, it’s a big country, set some achievable driving targets and don’t forget to take time to experience your route and enjoy the holiday at your own pace.

Happy Travels!

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