Southeast Asia Trip: 5 Key Tips for Your First Trip to Southeast Asia

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It’s important to do research before traveling to Southeast Asia. Keep reading for southeast Asia trip: 5 key tips for your first trip to southeast Asia.

Everyone has (or is) that friend that found themselves abroad in college and now preaches the importance of travel. While this can get annoying at times in addition to being interesting, it makes sense- international travel has proven health benefits.

From increasing both mental and physical health to expanding creativity to even lowering the risk of depression, there are so many reasons to plan a trip. Southeast Asia is a great destination- there’s so much to explore in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If you’re wondering how to plan a great Southeast Asia trip, you’re in luck! Read on for seven key tips on planning your time abroad.

1. Have a Plan…

One rookie mistake that a lot of travelers make is to have no plan whatsoever. You may feel like you’ll have a more authentic experience if you head off with nothing but yourself and a backpack. 

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, you need to have some kind of loose travel plan. This will make sure that you stay safe, have somewhere to stay, and see all the amazing sites that Southeast Asia has to behold.

2. …But Go With the Flow

Still, despite having a plan, things can change on a whim. You’ll find new things you want to do, places you want to go, and people you want to interact with. Make sure that you stay flexible- otherwise, you’re going to miss out on so many amazing experiences.

3. Book Hotels in Advance

No matter what your travel style is, you’re going to want to book your hotels in advance. This will ensure that you always have a place to stay and don’t find yourself wandering alone at night in an unfamiliar place.

It will also be beneficial by giving your trip some structure. Even if you don’t want to plan every second of every day, you’ll have to move along with your trip so you can get to a hotel!

4. Learn Some Language

Before heading abroad to any Southeast Asian country, it’s important that you learn some key words in the language. Not only is it fun to learn how to say things in new languages, but it also can come in handy when you’re ordering food, looking for a restroom, or just talking to locals to learn about their culture.

5. Stay Safe

While an amazing travel experience is important, the single most crucial thing to do on trips is to stay safe. Be prepared for any situation and learn the laws of the nation you’re traveling to. If you’re a solo traveler or an LGBT adventurer, make sure that you’re going to destinations that will accept you.

One way you can learn about this is by browsing WikiTravel. People have put tons of tips for how you can stay safe in any country. It’s also crucial to look at travel advisories to see if there are any major conflicts in the nation you’re headed to.

Plan Your Southeast Asia Trip!

Planning the perfect Southeast Asia trip can feel like a daunting task, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re seeing historic sites and tasting new authentic foods.

Now that you know five tips for an amazing travel experience, check out the ‘culture’ tab on our page! Here, you’ll learn all about cultural aspects of both America and other nations so you can have a more authentic travel experience.

Have fun, adventurer!


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