The Simple Desires Of Our Facial Beauty

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In an increasingly urbanized world, we’re seeing more and more beauty products that protect your skin from dirt and pollution. Sure, people want clear and radiant skin but the products used to get such results, don’t have a robust nature. So skin toners, serums, balms and oils are increasingly becoming the top sellers. Our facial beauty is extremely important to us, because it’s not just how attractive we look but how we want to perceive ourselves. Even though you could have beautiful skin, if your facial structure and features are not to your liking, you can’t see past them. You’re certainly not alone if this is true for you, and many people are turning toward plastic surgery to correct issues. However don’t see plastic surgery as just botox injects and lifts, there are different kinds of practices that make your face look the way you want to. Aside from that, features can be corrected with non-surgical concepts too.

A split septum

Nose cartilage is quite sensitive and any kind of bending or splitting of your septum can be very painful. The pain might last for a few years but eventually it will stop. However if your septum splits, it changes the shape of your nose. Usually, it makes the tip of your nose wider than it should be. Split septums usually only occur when the cartilage is abnormally long. It doesn’t have to be hooked or shaped downward, just grown further outward than normal. When it splits, it also creates breathing problems aside from the obvious beauty concerns. To correct this, you can get rhinoplasty surgery which will reshape and resize your nose. It will also correct your breathing problems so you can live a healthier life. 


Older set teeth

Crooked teeth is among the most troubling issues most people have with their facial beauty. Everyone loves a good smile, it can make you seem more attractive and welcoming. Crooked teeth are always linked to bad habits and poor health so, inherently we think someone who does not have straight teeth doesn’t take care of themselves. All of this is nonsense of course, because crooked teeth can occur due to our childhood and our health growing up. But what if you’re an adult now and your teeth are set, can you still straighten them? Yes you can, and you don’t need to look like a teenager by wearing braces either. Invisalign is used to straighten already set teeth and uses a clear smooth BPA-free plastic. If you’re wondering how does invisalign work, then you should read through the treatment process, what kind of dental problems it can fix, how your daily life will or won’t be affected and the overall timeline from sizing, fitting, wearing to taking it off.

The solid features of our face such as our nose and teeth play a big role in giving us our distinctive look. Having an abnormally long nose and a split septum doesn’t just make you self-conscious of your beauty but breathing problems arise. A rhinoplasty surgery can fix both issues for you. Even if you have older set teeth, you can still straighten them with modern moulded plastic treatments like Invisalign. 

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