Too Cool for School: 7 Back to School Outfits for Well-Dressed Tweens and Teens

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Picking back to school outfits for your kids can be more challenging than math, but help is at hand. This is what all the cool kids will be wearing in 2019.

In fall 2019, about 56.6 million kids went back to school. 

To make sure that your kid stands out from the rest of them, one of the best ways to do it is by making sure your child is wearing the most fashionable clothes possible. 

Picking back to school outfits for your kids can be more challenging than math, but help is at hand. This is what all the cool kids will be wearing in 2019.

1. Pants

One of the most important things to pick out first is the pants. There are all kinds of different styles of pants, and each style will say something different.


Jeans are probably one of the most popular and standard pants that you could wear. And, they can match with just about anything!

Just find a pair or two from your favorite brand. There are all kinds of styles, fits, and fabrics, so you will probably have to have your kid try on a bunch of different ones before they find the perfect one. 

Ripped denim is a really popular trend now. Before you buy these though, you should figure out what your child’s school dress code is. 

Colored denim is also becoming a big trend with jeans. You can get any color from white to black. 

However, depending on what colors you get, you may not be able to match it with as many other options. 

High-rise jeans are also a popular trend. These are jeans that sit above the waist, mostly on the stomach. 

There are different levels of high rise. Again, your child will need to try on different sizes and styles to find the perfect one.


If jeans aren’t a comfortable option for you, then there are other options. Joggers are a great, comfortable choice for school.

Sport joggers come in all different styles and colors as well, and they can go with most T-shirts or other tops. 

Leggings are also a good option too. Again, you should check with your school dress code before you buy these. 

2. Jackets

Your child will most likely be cold walking to and from school in the fall and winter months, so getting them a jacket is a great option. It can also be a fashionable one. 

Jean jackets are still in right now, and they are a classic for your back-to-school outfit. You can even wear a denim jacket with your denim jeans without committing a fashion crime. 

There are even shorter, cropped jackets that can paSweatsir really well with T-shirts or even dresses. 

If you don’t want something as heavy as a jean jacket, you could also get a sweatshirt or hoodie. 

Hoodies with logos are very popular right now. You could buy something from a fancy brand, or if you wanted to show some school spirit, you could do that as well. 

If you wanted a brand-name jacket, check out your options here. 

Utility vests are also another option for a warm jacket. These vests are genderless and can make your kid one of the coolest on the block. 

You can layer these vests over graphic T-shirts paired along with jeans. When the weather gets even colder in the winter, then you can get the puffy vests to keep your kid warm. These vests are also coming back in style, especially when they’re brightly colored. 

3. Tops

Choosing the right top is also imperative to creating a great back to school outfit.

Graphic T-shirts are in, and it’s a great way for your kid to show their personality and their interests. You can also buy basic T-shirts to go with other items of clothing. 

Aside from the basics, there are other designs that are in style as well. You can get ombre colors, stripes, logos, graphics, color blocking, tie-dye, and even florals. 

Feel free to combine different patterns and colors and experiment with the layers a little bit. 

Flannel shirts are also popular for when it gets a little bit colder. The oversize ones are in style for girls now, and they can even be more comfortable. 

4. Dresses and Skirts

If your daughter is going back to school, you may want to invest in some dresses or skirts.

These are easy to wear and can be incredibly comfortable as well. 

There are all kinds of styles of T-shirts as well. T-shirt dresses are very popular right now, and they can be very comfortable as well. Floral dresses and stripes are also in right now.

5. Overalls

Believe it or not, overalls are in too. They are age-appropriate for either tweens or teens. You can wear a T-shirt underneath it and even pair it with a denim jacket if it is cold outside.  

6. Footwear

After adding all of the different clothing options, you will need to find the perfect pair of shoes as well. 

Sneakers are one of the most popular types of shoes. There are all different kinds of brand and styles. 

You can even get all kinds of styles and colors to match with the rest of your other shoes. 

If you want something other than sneakers, combat boots, and heeled boots are also in. 

If you want something more comfortable, flats are still in style as well. 

7. Accessories

Finally, you will need some accessories to complete your entire outfit. 

There are all kinds of backpacks that you should get, with Jansport being one of the most popular ones. 

These backpacks come in all different kinds of styles and colors as well.

You will also need to buy your child a really cool lunchbox. You could go vintage and get one of the metal ones, but there are also a lot of fabric ones that work just as well. 

Get Your Back to School Outfits Today!

Make sure that you buy your back to school outfits early so that your child will look fashionable on their first day of school.

If you enjoyed these fashion tips, make sure that you check out our other blog posts for more inspiration!

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