Top Tips for Enjoying Horse Racing in Britain

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There’s a timeless appeal to horse racing that dates back throughout human history. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of regular events held thousands of years ago in Babylonian and Egyptian culture, while horse races were also hugely popular amongst Greek and Roman society.

From the 18th century onwards, horse racing became known as the “Sport of Kings” for its popularity with British royalty and nobility, before gaining widespread appeal amongst the masses. Some of the most famous racecourses and racing events in Britain have been around for hundreds of years, remaining a central part of our culture and heritage.

Visiting Nearby Racecourse Venues

Wherever you might be located around the country and whatever the time of year, there are 60 racecourses in Britain which are currently active and offering a variety of events. Given there are so many top venues, you won’t necessarily have to travel far to enjoy an exciting day at the races.

The vast majority of these British racecourses are open and active throughout the year, which means there’s usually a broad selection of events you can attend during any month or season. Facilities and hospitality at racecourse venues are always improving, so whether you’re looking for VIP luxury treatment or simply to enjoy the trackside atmosphere, there’s typically something to suit every racegoer’s budget.

That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that for major events such as Royal Ascot, The Grand National or The Cheltenham Festival, it’s wise to book tickets well in advance. Likewise, in some areas of racecourse venues and for such prestigious events, there may also be a strict dress code and certain etiquette expected. Always check racecourse websites for details.

Following the Horse Racing Action at Home

Those familiar with horse racing will likely already know the betting terminology, the best horses and the most successful jockeys. However, we’re not all experts and if successfully betting on horse races was so easy, we’d all be millionaires. That’s why it’s always handy to get free horse racing tips from experts who know the sport inside out.

The best online bookmaker sites will usually provide access to live streams, so that you can watch horse races from start to finish, after placing bets on them. On terrestrial television in Britain, ITV offer free live coverage rom a selection of daily racing events, while dedicated channels such as At The Races and Racing UK are available via satellite and freesat or freeview.

If there’s one thing about British horse racing that we can never guarantee, it’s the weather. Particularly during the autumn and winter months, it might be preferable to enjoy watching the races from the comfort of our own home. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options for us to access live horse races via television broadcasts or via our smartphones and computers.

Enjoy the Sport of Kings

Given the rich history and culture surrounding horse racing, it’s hard not to enjoy such a noble sport. Watching a powerful thoroughbred horse ridden by supremely skilled jockey, charging down the track and aiming to be first past the winning post; it’s truly a sight to behold.

Whether it’s soaking up the excitement and atmosphere trackside at a racecourse, cheering on the horse you’ve backed while viewing a race live on TV or via online streams, always remember to wager responsibly. Set yourself a limit and simply enjoy the action, because there’s plenty of races to enjoy throughout the year.

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