Useful Tips To Remember When Dealing With Car Trouble

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Nothing ruins your day quite like a conked out engine. Breaking down is a nightmare all drivers try to avoid. However, it’s one that most still have to deal with at least once in their life. We’ve all heard anguished accounts of drivers who had to wait hours for a tow truck, or, worse still, the horror stories of those that were involved in accidents after their car had already broken down. Breakdowns are frustrating, but with these useful tips, you can navigate your next one safely. 

Pull Away From Traffic

Leaving your car amongst traffic can make an already bad situation much worse. To keep the road free from obstructions, you must try to pull your car off to the side. When there is a hard shoulder, this is usually the best place to park. If your car refuses to move on its own, then don’t try to push it. Entering traffic like this will not only endanger your life but everyone on the road. 

Make The Car Visible

Wherever your vehicle decides to stay, you must warn other motorists that you’ve broken down. This is particularly important when you’re obstructing the road, but it is necessary when you’re pulled over to the side too. If you carry a warning triangle in your trunk, then place that far behind your car. Turning on the hazard warning lights will help too, as does raising the vehicle’s hood. 

Call For Professional Help

Having breakdown cover means that you can call your provider for a tow. When you don’t have this cover, however, you should contact a professional towing company, like Swan Towing Service. While asking a friend or relative to tow your car would be free, it can be dangerous and might cause damage to the vehicle. If you don’t have a phone, then use an emergency one.

Stay Near The Vehicle

Even after making your car visible, there is a chance it will be hit by another vehicle. To keep this collision from causing you any harm, you must move a safe distance away from the road. If there is a barrier or grass verge that you can head to, then do so. That being said, you should keep the car in your sight. If you abandon your vehicle, it could be towed, costing you a large fee.

Leave The Problem Alone

Unless you’re a trained mechanic, you shouldn’t attempt to fix your car yourself. With very little mechanical experience, you are likely to cause even more harm, rather than repair the problem. Even if you believe you know what you’re doing, calling a breakdown recovery service might still be the best choice. After all, repairing a car next to a busy road is far from safe. 

Prepare For Bad Weather

Most people don’t break down on a lovely sunny day. Instead, they do so when it’s raining, snowing, or windy. This is why you must make sure that you always have emergency clothing in your vehicle. A pair of boots and a waterproof coat can be extremely useful when you have to wait in the pouring rain to be rescued. 

Breaking down is always a nightmare, but the advice above can help you to handle the situation safely.


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