Volcano Hybrid, An ‘Eruption’ of Flavors

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Seven years after the release of Volcano Digit, the German manufacturer is bringing the desktop vaporizer game to life with their newly-released Volcano Hybrid. 

The Hybrid vaporizer takes the things we loved from the Volcano Classic and Digit vaporizers along with new powerful upgrades. Among these are a boost in heat-up times and the introduction of two vaping methods with the vaporizer.  

If you think the Volcano Classic is monstrous, wait till you see the eruption of flavorful vapor from the Hybrid! In this review, we take a look at this newcomer from the Volcano lineup and see why the Hybrid deserves the title king of desktop vaporizers, like its ancestors.


✔️ Topnotch vapor quality

✔️ Dual-use system

✔️ Faster heat-up times

✔️ Better customization

✔️ Easy to use


❗ Expensive; not suitable for those on a budget

❗ Requires more maintenance

What’s New With the Hybrid

Topping off the upgrades list, we have the dual-use feature that gave it the name Hybrid. You can enjoy your dry herbs or concentrates in two ways – the balloon or the tube. 

The design we all loved from the Volcano Digit is still present in the Hybrid variety, especially the winning formula that delivers the trademark vaping experience from the Volcano vaporizer lineup. 

Storz and Bickel has also taken the heat-up times of the Volcano desktop vaporizer to a whole new level. Now equipped with 10x faster heat-up times, you can enjoy thick, flavorful, and smooth vape within 20-40 seconds. 

It also comes with Bluetooth compatibility like the new vaporizers in the market today. This feature will enable you to control your desktop vaporizer through the Storz and Bickel app. 

Here, you’re given a plethora of customization options for your vaping experience. You can turn the vaporizer on and off or adjust the temperature through the device. You can also set a switch-off time for the Hybrid and customize what appears on the touch screen display.

What’s In the Kit

When you purchase a Volcano Hybrid, you’ll also get these accessories and other materials:

  • 3 x Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
  • Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
  • Tube System
  • Filling Chamber
  • Cap Ring
  • Normal Screen Set
  • Drip Pad
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Air Filter Set
  • Herb Grinder
  • Power Cord
  • Manual

Aside from the accessories that come with the kit, you can also buy these accessories to enhance your vaping experience more:

  • Dosing capsules – small capsules where you can fill with dry herbs and place in the heater. Use these capsules to make cleaning your Hybrid faster and less tedious.
  • Filling set – this holds your capsules in place, which can hold up to 40 pieces capsules at once. It also comes with a grinder and magazine.
  • Filling chamber reducer – this reduces your filling chamber’s size to handle small amounts of herbs

Design and Build

The Volcano Hybrid boasts a sleek, modern design, but still resembles its two predecessors. The vaporizer is adorned with the Storz and Bickel logo and an LED screen, which shows the current temperature at the top and the target temperature at the bottom. It also features four touch buttons:

  • Power button (located at the left side of the LED screen)
  • An up and down button for adjusting the temperature (you can hold each button down to increase or decrease temperature faster)
  • Air button for blowing the vapor inside the bag or balloon  
  • Heat button for turning the heater on to start the vaporization of your materials

The Volcano Hybrid has maintained the ease of use it has provided with the previous desktop vaporizers. It’s also perfect for both small and long sessions. Smoke a small dose of herbs to get your quick vape fix, or smoke a gram to enjoy the best flavor out of your herbs the powerful way.

The Volcano HYBRID is also built to last, thanks to the German engineering mechanics implemented in the device. You can enjoy your Volcano Hybrid as long as you have enjoyed the previous Volcano vaporizer version(s).

Temperature Options, Heat-Up Time, and Vapor Quality

As mentioned, the Volcano Hybrid features a 10x upgrade in heat-up times. It only takes 20 – 40 seconds to heat up your dry herbs. That’s faster compared to the three-minute heat-up time of the previous Volcano Classic. However, if you’re using the balloon, you might need to wait a few more seconds to fill it with vapor.

The two previous Volcano desktop vaporizers used bags for inhaling the vape. With the Hybrid vaporizer though, you can enjoy your quality vapor through a balloon or whip-style vaping. It’s called Hybrid for reasons, after all. 

To enjoy your vape whip-style, simply attach the whip (or the long tube that comes with the kit) to the filling chamber after heating your herbs in the chamber. Once the pump is turned off, you can inhale the vapor through the tube’s mouthpiece. 

Whatever style of vaping you prefer, you can always enjoy that sweet vapor that has been a trademark of the Volcano vaporizers. Whether you like your herbs in small or huge doses, you can guarantee that the vapor produced is topnotch, smooth, and flavorful.

The all-new Hybrid comes with a 230-watt heater and a stainless ring inside the chamber. These help the desktop vaporizer provide the power for the vaporizer to produce quality vapor from your materials.

Your options for temperature customization is also wide, ranging from 104°F to 446°F. This wide range is perfect for heating all kinds of materials for vaping, from dry herbs to concentrates.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Because of its huge size and the number of accessories it comes with, the Hybrid requires more maintenance, just like any desktop vaporizer. Make sure to clean the screen at the top with a cleaning brush every vaping session. Don’t forget the chamber and the tube too. 

You can use soap, water, and cloth to clean your Hybrid vaporizer. You can also use isopropyl alcohol as substitute.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been thinking of getting a desktop vaporizer and you’ve got the budget to spare, don’t think twice about the Volcano Hybrid! They’re the best you can get if you want to enjoy powerful vapor for your solo sessions at home or with friends.

Ýou can get your hands on the latest Volcano Hybrid through the Storz and Bickel official website or on online authorized sellers. 


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