Want to Impress the Neighbors? Here’s How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn and Keep Your Home Looking Good!

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Having a healthy lawn means you care about how your home looks, and you’ll impress more people. Click here to learn how to grow the best lawn!

To be the talk of the neighborhood requires a lot of details to come together for perfection. The biggest detail that lies right out from your house is your lawn. Keeping up a healthy lawn is a monumental task all its own. While messing up a detail or two won’t kill your lawn, it will fade its appeal. Want to impress your neighbors and have a lawn that shines with beauty? We got the tips and tricks you need right down below. 

Feeding and Watering The Correct Way

When spring starts blooming, many are out and about, feeding their lawns. The professionals understand, though, that you need more than the spring feeding. You should be feeding your lawn about 4 times a year, in a measured and periodic pace. As well, you need to know the best fertilizer for your region and season.

Water is also key to a healthy lawn, but how much? The trick is to water deep, not often. This means giving your lawn a solid soak to push for deeper root growth. Wait between waterings until you see a bit of grey and a lack of spring to your lawn. 

Mowing and Pruning

Mowing and pruning are two of the biggest precision tasks for a healthy lawn. Maintaining a schedule and exact measurements will get you to a beautiful lawn. Proper mowing technique will have you cutting your grass a bit short in the warmer months and longer in the colder months. You should never cut more than 1/3 of your grass at any time. This allows deeper roots to grow.

Always cut dry grass as wet grass will leave wet grass clumps everywhere. Pruning can be a bit more of a play by ear. Each shrub and plant can change how and when you prune. The more variety you have in your lawn, the more you may need a guide. Pruning specialists can be well worth the time and effort. 

Don’t Skimp On Good Seed

This may be a simple no brainer, but so many people skip out on buying quality grass seed. Some may argue that there is no real difference, but when you aim to have an impressive lawn, you take every angle you can get.

Dealing with Pests

Grubs can be horrible pests that can tear your lawn apart from the ground up. The best way to prevent a grub infestation is to stop them before they hatch. Preventative measures like pesticides are your best bet. Be mindful of how pesticides can interact with your lawn and the other plants you have. Find the best formula for your region and lawn combination. 

With your healthy lawn glowing in the noonday sun, your neighbors will be sure to notice. With these steps, you will be getting compliments all throughout the year on your beautiful lawn work. We here at Social Lifestyle Magazine have got you covered for the impressive style across your life. Check out our other articles for more ways to improve your stylish life. 


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