What Are the Advantages Of a Social Circle?

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Everyone has a social circle they have developed over the years. These are people you trust and take their advice when you need a different opinion. Our social circle stays with us and does change as we mature. We meet new people and learn to adjust to these new group of friends or co-workers. Social circles are powerful depending on how you use them. Most of us never use them to our advantage. Here are some things to think about when it comes to working our social circle to our benefit.


Most of us will turn to our friends, family, or co-workers for help when changing jobs. You might not be ready to jump ship, but you want to at least kick the idea around to a few people you trust. Jobs referrals are the number one reason for working with your social network. These people can put you in touch with the right individuals that can make your career soar. All they have to do is give you a name and you are set. Learn to use your social circle if you want to upgrade your career or change it altogether. You never know who knows who and you might land a higher paying position. Ask around but don’t be too aggressive as this can be a turnoff. Many of us want to change our jobs, but often don’t know where to go. We never consider that our friends, co-workers, or fitness buddies could lean us in a direction we had no idea would be beneficial. Don’t limit your circle to those close to you either. You can seek job advice from those you might not have talked to in a while. If you’re part of a group of bay area real estate investors, you can learn about new ways to purchase your next rental home.


Most of us have had a scare with a medical issue that has nearly taken our lives. We could be in the market for a new doctor or want a new plan. Whatever the case, we can lean on our social circles to steer us in the right direction. This is a good way to find new medical help and get trusted advice from your close friends or business associates. Medical issues are sensitive and we always need someone to talk to. A group of buddies can jump on the issue and help you through the entire problem. It’s good to have someone you can rely on and know that they will be there. Further, when it comes to medical situations, you want to only talk to people that understand, but can give you intelligent advice that makes sense. A social circle can make one’s life improve just by the support alone.


When you want advice on anything, it’s best to use your social circle. We all live hectic lives at some point and there will be times when you need an honest opinion. Believe it or not, this can be hard to find. Most of us immediately turn to a family member, a spouse, or a partner. These are the people that know us well and can give us advice that works with our mindset. They understand and have witnessed our lives in action. Most can tell us some of our problems and what we’ve been doing wrong for years. Social circles are meant to help, which is why we create them. Many of us find ourselves falling into a group of friends that we thought we’d never find. It’s advice we depend on and find ourselves heading to these circles for many second opinions. These groups help us stay on track whether it be for our mental needs or taking on a fitness journey.

These are some of the ways you can use your social circle to your advantage. Use this group to land you the next job you’ve been dreaming about for years. Ask them if they have any referrals or what their opinion of an organization is you’re considering. Medical situations catch us off guard and a good group of trusted people can help us make it through. Get as much advice and suggestions from your social circle as you can. It will pay off in the end and you’ll be happy you asked this group what they think.


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