3 Reasons Not To Give Up On Live TV Just Yet

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Are you thinking about cutting your cable and saying goodbye to live TV? It’s understandable why you might be leaning towards this choice. After all, there are literally thousands of hours of content available from different streaming platforms. The variety is only going to grow two with the new streaming options coming to the market soon. We’re talking about options like Disney +, HBO GO Max and many more. However, you still need to think about whether giving up on live TV completely is the right choice. The answer may surprise you. 

No Spoilers Please 

You might be fine with waiting for content to eventually be dropped on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. However, it’s important to note that if this airs on Live TV first, then you are going to struggle to avoid spoilers. Coming in fresh is essential to some of the bigger event TV shows currently on. This includes The Walking Dead, This Is US and new hits like Prodigal Son. Indeed, getting too much info before you watch could actually ruin the experience. 

The only way to avoid spoilers is to make sure that you are watching these shows live. 

Live TV Is Getting Cheaper

One of the reasons why a lot of people are willing and perhaps even keen to cut their cable is to save money. While that’s understandable, watching live TV is considerably cheaper than it used to be. This is due to the fact that you can now use an IPTV installation and watch live TV online. All you really need is a strong internet connection to make this a possibility. 

It’s a lot less expensive than other options including satellite and cable while still providing you with a massive range of different choices. 

In fact, in the long run, you might find that live TV is actually cheaper than streaming. As more platforms enter the market, there is going to be a greater level of content. However, it’s going to be spread across different options. You’ll need Netflix for Stranger Things, Disney for The Mandalorian and HBO Go Max if you want to relive the glory days with Friends. 

This means that there are essentially different digital ‘channels’ that you need to pay for. If you think this sounds a lot like cable, you’d be right. We are entering a world where there will be a massive number of streaming options, each competing for your attention and money. 

There’s Still Great Network Content

Finally, you might think that the best content is now online on streaming platforms. But this isn’t true. If you want to watch live sports events than you need a TV and there are some fantastic shows that appear every fall as well. So, if you don’t want to miss out on some of the best options, then you shouldn’t say goodbye to live TV just yet. 

It’s still a viable entertainment option and one that can provide you with hours and hours of great things to watch. As well as this streaming is starting to show a lot of the same issues that we had with cable. 

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