5 Personalized Gift Ideas This Christmas

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Even very ordinary gifts can be elevated to something more thoughtful by simply adding a touch of personalization. Personalization is such a simple way to make any gift that little bit extra special and shows that you’ve really thought about the person you’re gifting. So here are 5 personalized gift ideas to consider this Christmas.

  1. A wallet or purse embossed with their initials
    One item that everyone has in their bag or pocket is their wallet or purse. Wallets and purses are often accessories that last people many years which is why it’s a thoughtful idea to make their replacement a little extra special. A personalised wallet or purse is an elegant and sophisticated gift for both him and her, adding a touch of luxury to a simple leather accessory. Using a person’s initials is a more subtle way of adding personalisation and works very well on smaller items, go for s simple emboss for subtlety or add a little bit of sparkle with a metallic finish.

  2. A monogrammed glass for their favourite tipple
    Beer lover, wine drinker of a gin connoisseur, a monogrammed glass suitable for their favourite tipple is one that they will love. Monogrammed glassware can be picked up quite easily online but if you want an extra level of personalisation then you can pick up more bespoke designs from places such as Not On The Highstreet.

  3. Add an engraving to the back of their watch
    Adding an engraving to the back of a loved ones watch is a way to keep your message close to them at all times. A very subtle and intimate gift an engraving on the back of a watch is for the wearer’s pleasure only making it the perfect sentiment for a loved one.  Whether you choose to have it done on a new watch as a part of their gift or to engrave a pre-existing classic timepiece then be sure to have this done by an expert such as those at to make sure it is done with care and precision.

  4. Create a personalised print or wall art
    Personalized prints and custom wall art are special keepsakes that can be proudly hung on the recipient’s wall. There are so many different types of custom prints available that there’s something for everyone no matter their age, from framed lyrics to a meaningful song to personalized family portraits. Many take very little design skill and are a great way to create a very professional bespoke gift.

A personalized photo collage
Give someone the gift of memories by creating them a personalized photo album or collage. Simply collect together your favorite images and let someone else take care of the printing, online photo collages are easy to create and are a professional looking gift. If there’s one photo in particular that you really want to highlight then you can now have your favorite photos printed onto virtually anything, from cushions to socks, towels to pajamas making a funny and thoughtful personalized gift.

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