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5 Questions to Ask Your Impact Windows Installer Before Hiring

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5 Questions to Ask Your Impact Windows Installer Before Hiring

If you’re considering a smart investment for your next home improvement project, impact windows are a smart option. These products come with a wide range of benefits, including storm protection, UV filtering, burglar deterrence, and increased energy efficiency, you’ll experience a strong return on investment. In addition, impact windows often come with purchase discounts from government programs and lead to an overall decrease in property insurance once installed. 

When you’re ready to begin the installation process, don’t rush into signing a contract until you’re certain you have the right team for the job. That means taking the time to ask these five questions before you commit to an installer – lest you find yourself on the receiving end of a botched renovation job for an overblown price.

Question #1) Is Your Company Certified to Complete the Work You’re Quoting?

The most important first step to take is ensuring an impact window installer holds the proper credentials and qualifications for the project. 

Certified impact window installers are trained on installation techniques specific to the product. Hiring a certified window installer can provide you the peace of mind that the installation was done properly without issues down the road. 

Check with your state’s guidelines to see what certifications are recommended/required and ask for visual proof before finalizing any agreements. 

Question #2) What is Your Background in Impact Window Installations?

Paper credentials alone aren’t enough to ensure a company provides quality workmanship when it comes to window installations. Ideally, choose an installer with experience working with impact projects, as they can be more complex than traditional windows. In addition, ask for testimonials and reviews on previous customers’ experiences related to your project. Satisfied customers involved in an unrelated project to yours may not accurately represent an installer’s ability to fulfill your unique needs. The closer a past project was to yours, the better.


Question #3) How Do Protect My Property and Belongings During the Installation Process?

Installing impact windows can be a messy, risky procedure, so it’s important to partner with a company focused on protecting the space they work in. Ask questions specifically related to how the installer will arrange safety measures for your unique space while they’re on site. In addition, find what the installer covers when it comes to cleaning up after the job’s completion. 

You shouldn’t be ashamed of making sure an installer is laying down floor coverings, dust covers, and establishing safety boundaries around the work area. This is your space, with special people and items you want to last long after the job is done! 

Question #4) What Guarantees Back This Installation Project?

A professional impact window installer isn’t wary of providing guarantees and on services or products. They take pride in their craft, and the process used for success 100 times prior should apply to your renovation as well. As for written assurances or warranties on what the company promises.

In addition, take the time to compare specifics on what different installers offer in terms of these assurances. The more ironclad the warranty, the more protection you’ll have if something unexpected occurs. 

Question #5) How Strict Are Your Scheduling Practices and Deadlines?

There’s nothing worse than a renovation project that runs over schedule. You want impact windows installed in a timely manner, and should be entitled to the specifics of your project’s progress at any point. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get set target dates for your project, nor should you be getting last-minute or after-the-fact adjustments of the schedule or price.

Not only can delays on an installation of impact doors be a major headache, this sort of unprofessionalism is frequently reflected in the quality of the work being done. Stick to reliable contractors and you’ll get reliable work.

Some Final Advice

Asking these five questions during the installer meeting and screening process can help you select the right company for the job. If you’re having trouble making a final decision, remember the most important factor –  ensure they can guarantee their work to your satisfaction. Pay attention to the written details, check references, and scheduling specific up-front for peace of mind later.

If you’re looking for a trusted impact door installer in the South Florida area, consider Alco Windows & Doors. You can expect a best-in-class customer service experience at the right price for you next renovation project.

To learn more about impact windows and doors, check out Alco’s blog. If you’re ready to purchase, browse their product selection of impact windows and doors. If you have more questions, contact them for a consultation today!


About the Author:

Luis Alvarez is the founder and owner of Alco Windows and Doors. Coming from a family with more than 15 years of experience in the glass and glazing industry, Luis used his background knowledge to found a company dedicated to providing quality service and support for those looking to protect their loved ones from severe weather. A retired veteran who served in the Marine Corps, Luis uses his military experience to effectively run Alco. His attention to timeliness guarantees efficient installations focused on meeting planned deadlines. His background in preparation and organization ensures flawless window and door projects, no matter the job size. His leadership experience promises a “job well done” mindset from every member of the Alco team – from salespeople to installation professionals. A graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Mathematics, Luis takes time to give back to the community by serving as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College. He believes homes are built around people supporting one another, and his dedication to his home in South Florida ensures Alco Windows and Doors will always put the customer’s safety and satisfaction first.


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