6 Signs that You’re Ready to Get Married

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When do you know you’re ready to get married? This is a million-dollar question which is still unanswered. If you reach out to a married person for help, the most probable answer you’ll get is “You’ll know it when the time is right”. Well, this doesn’t help, thanks for telling! 

Getting married is probably your life’s biggest decision, and obviously, it is to be taken very seriously. When you’re in love, everything around you feels happy and romantic. You manage to find positives in bad things as well, and you’re way of looking at things changes completely. When you think that you’ve found the one and are ready to walk down the aisle, you definitely need to be clear in your head if you’re prepared to get married or not because romance and affection alone cannot sustain a marriage. 

Before taking the biggest decision of your life, it’s required to look within yourself. Be self-aware and think about what you are, what you want, and are you able to see your partner as a part of your future plans? If yes, read below, and I hope that the mentioned points will help you make a better decision. 

  • You should love yourself – This sounds like a cliché, but it is true. You cannot be happy with anyone else if you’re not completely satisfied and happy with yourself. Your partner will be there to support you in all your decisions; it’s you who has to be a primary contributor to your own life. You have to be comfortable in who you are and should be able to embrace your flaws. 
  • You’re mature enough for this huge step – Doctors say that the brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 27. While there is no ‘best’ age to get married, there is a required level of maturity that you need to make decisions for a better future. 
  • You’re ready for the crazy ups and downs of life – Life isn’t a fairytale and not everything will go according to plan. You’ll have great moments but you’ll also face the worst situations of your life. Now close your eyes and think, do you see your partner with you in all these situations? This is important because you and your partner will live these situations together and deal with them together. Your love goes through a real test, not during those fancy Instagram moments, but during those testing times when nothing is going your way.
  • You’re comfortable to talk about your insecurities – The topmost comfort level with your partner comes when you can comfortably discuss your insecurities. That’s when you connect on a deeper level. 
  • You agree on the Big 3 – Most couples have differences on 3 things that I call the Big 3 – money, sex, and children. Make sure that you have agreed or made arrangements on these 3 topics. You should be clear about where to spend your income and how to manage the savings, be clear about your sex life, and how to raise your children if you plan to have any.
  • You trust your partner completely – Do you feel insecure if your partner doesn’t reply to your texts quickly? Do you set-up tests (traps) for your partner? These are signs of insecurity, and probably if such is the case, you are not ready to discuss the aisle talk, let alone walking down one. 

These were some tips and signs that will give you a clear idea if you’re ready to walk down the aisle or not. You (and your partner) should agree on these, but I have to say that despite all these points, love comes first. If you both agree, congratulations! You might be married soon. Start coming up with dates, venue suggestions, the band, and if you’re in Brisbane, hiring one of the best wedding photographers in Brisbane should top your priority list.


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