7 Tips for Getting Back into Exercise After an Illness

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Falling sick is inevitable as it is a part of life and everyone does fall sick sometimes. Fitness freaks are keen to get back to their workout routines as soon as they feel better but if you are not careful about taking complete precaution to get better soon, you may fall back sick again hence we have listed below a few tips that will help you to get back into exercise after an illness;

  1. Take it Slow:

You have just recovered from sickness and you do not need to start working out full-fledged, take it slow and relax if you need to. It is not necessary that you do your entire workout regime as soon as you get back to exercise. If needed, reduce the number of days you work out so that you do not get overstressed due to exercise just to fall back ill.

  1. Avoid Workout with Chest Congestion and Fever:

If you have chest congestion, a viral infection or fever, avoid workout as it will only aggravate your condition. Also, if you work out in a gym which is, in general, a closed room with many people working out nearby, you may just be the cause to spread across the virus to others hence do not work out when you suffer from these conditions.

  1. Consult a Doctor to Get Clearance:

After an illness, if you wish to join back exercise, first talk to your doctor if it is ok to get back to the workout. Internal medicine doctors suggest that your condition may not look serious, but you never know what is causing it until you visit a medical expert hence consult one before you get back to the workout.

  1. Stop if you Feel any Discomfort:

In between workout if at any point you feel uncomfortable, just stop and go home to rest. The body needs time to recover and you may feel you are ok, but your body may need more rest hence listen to your body and take rest if it is indicating so.

  1. Increase Workout Intensity Slowly:

The very first day you join back exercise, you do not have to do a high-intensity workout, start slowly and pick up the pace. This way you will let your body get accustomed to the regime again and will avoid any muscle strain.


  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Keeping yourself hydrated is important while you work out and also to get better when sick hence do take plenty of fluids to get well soon.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep:

Your body needs a good rest to recover faster thereby sleep for many hours when sick to get better sooner.

In Conclusion:

Getting back to work out after an illness is tough, but it is also necessary. If you feel you are getting behind in your training, do not bother about it much as you will be able to pick up fast as soon as you get a clean chit to workout but if you jump into exercise too soon after sickness, you may fall back ill hence maintain precaution to get healthy soon so that you can get back to your regular routine.

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