Before the Wedding: Bridal Shower and Bachelor Party

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The wedding industry in the United States is worth $60 billion and many couples choose to tie the knot because they want to make their marriage memorable. However, planning a wedding can be stressful. Wedding planners and coordinators offer their services to couples who feel stressed when thinking about their wedding day. Most of the time, these planners and coordinators have a network of business partners where they can secure the best deals possible. Before the wedding day, the planners and coordinators are trying to set up the bridal shower and the bachelor party to give the couples a break before they finally settle down. This would also give them a chance to spend some time with their closest friends before they enter married life.

Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is very different from a bridal shower, and it is mostly done by the best man along with his closest buddies. During a bachelor party, the groom might be wanting to spend the rest of his single life doing crazy things with his friends. The most common theme for this party is a Vegas bachelor party where the groom and his buddies drive to Las Vegas and spend the whole day and night drinking, partying, and everything in between. It is less formal than a bridal shower but equally enjoyable.

To prepare for a bachelor party, the planner or the best man can contact all of the guys that are close friends with the groom. A theme would then be selected, or what kind of bachelor party should be expected. If the best man and his friends want someone else to plan the party, they can choose a Vegas-themed party. However, not all best men are spending that much when it comes to the bachelor party. Inviting friends over to the groom’s home while eating snacks and drinking beer is enough for some. It all boils down to the preferences of the groom and the bride.

Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are planned usually by the maid of honor, but the task can also be handled by the wedding planner and coordinator, especially if the maid of honor has a busy schedule. When planning for a bridal shower, the first thing that is considered would be the schedules of those who are invited. The party can be held during the evening to make sure that most of the invited will be able to attend. Picking a perfect date is also important, and the planner should ensure the bride that her closest friends will attend the party. The planner can also create a list of those who should be invited to make them aware of the party that will be held for the bride.

The wedding planner should also be responsible for the theme that will be used in the party, as well as the location where it should be held. Most bridal showers happen inside a hotel room or a resort, but it all depends on the budget of the bride and where she wanted to go. The menu should also be planned, as well as other activities that will entertain most of the guests. There are many game ideas for bridal showers that can be found online, and the bride or her maid of honor should be the one to choose which games should be played on the day of the party.

Days before the party, all of the invited should confirm. This would also be the perfect time for the maid of honor and the planner to prepare the meals. They can either hire a caterer or order food from a restaurant, whichever is more affordable. On the day of the party, all of the guests who brought their gifts should open it in the designated gift-opening area to make the event more solemn and memorable. This fun activity would help the bride prepare for married life. After her marriage, what she needs to think of would be searching for a new house and other responsibilities related to being a spouse.

A wedding is an important life event and there should be ample preparations to make it a memorable one. When planning for a wedding, it is important to consult a planner that will help the couple with how they can budget their money to get the best wedding packages available.

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