Bet on a Good Time: 7 Cheap Things to Do in Vegas if You Don’t Gamble

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Vegas has the reputation of being a gambler’s paradise and an expensive city, but that isn’t all it has to offer. Try these cheap things to do in Vegas.

Over 42 million people visited Las Vegas last year. It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the country and boasts an incredible amount of activities. It’s probably most known for its status as a “vice city,” where gambling and drinking abound.

However, despite its reputation for gambling, not everybody does it. Vegas offers a whole range of activities that have nothing to do with gambling. The city can even be enjoyed if you’re short on money.

We’ll talk more about some cheap things to do in Vegas in the paragraphs below.

1. Top Shot

Top Shot is a very unique experience, to say the least. Part shooting range, part videogame, and part survival scenario, it’s a far cry from your average rifle range. Top Shot offers a variety of activities. It contains a virtual shooting range and a videogame where the controller is a real gun with non-lethal ammo. If that’s not your speed, you can try a non-lethal shootout with your friends or attempt to survive a zombie attack.

2. Botanical Gardens and Fountain

You might not think of botanical gardens when you think of Las Vegas, but the city has a few of them. One of them is near the Bellagio, while the other is in Springs Preserve. Both tend to put on special exhibits during various holidays, so you may want to plan your trip accordingly.

Also, we can’t mention the Bellagio without mentioning the incredible fountain outside it. This fountain is specially engineered to give a water show every half hour, accompanied by music and lights. Both the Bellagio fountain and botanical garden are free. The Springs Preserve garden is not, but tickets are not very expensive and worth the low cost.

3. The High Roller

Las Vegas is home to the High Roller, a massive observation wheel that allows you to get great views of the city. What is an observation wheel? It’s a Ferris wheel, but with a few key differences. Observation wheels are often bigger than Ferris wheels. They take guests further into the sky, thus allowing for better views.

Observation wheels are also more luxurious than Ferris wheels. They come with cabins that are more stable than the gondolas on Ferris wheels. These cabins are a bit bigger and allow guests to stand or walk around without worrying about the movement of the wheel throwing off their balance. The cabins are also constructed so that guests can get a clearer view on all sides rather than what a gondola would offer. For the High Roller, it may be best to visit during the day, as tickets cost less. Additionally, if you choose to stay at the Linq Hotel which owns the High Roller, you can get a discount on tickets.

4. See a Show

Las Vegas is known for some of its amazing shows, from circuses to musical concerts. This city is home to legends such as the Blue Man Group, Penn and Teller, and Cirque du Soleil. Some of these attractions may be more on the expensive side, but they’re worth it. Even so, you don’t have to see a super-expensive in-demand show. In a city filled with shows, there are bound to be less expensive options. Before you go to see anything, it’s best to do some research. This is Las Vegas, so keep in mind that not all shows are for children.

5. Hoover Dam

Though not in Las Vegas proper, the Hoover Dam is only 30 miles away, making it easily within driving distance. Plus, it’s a national landmark with a fascinating history. The dam was built in the 1930s to prevent floods on the Colorado River. However, it was also designed to help generate power for the nearby area. Today, the Hoover Dam is a monument to American ingenuity and one of the great landmarks our country is known for.

6. The Mob Museum

America’s fascination with organized crime has endured for generations. At the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, you can explore the intriguing history of organized crime, as well as how the police fought it and are still fighting it. The museum also details the history of Las Vegas and its early ties to organized crime. There’s even a model speakeasy and distillery in the basement for those looking to truly immerse themselves in the times.

7. Food

You can’t truly say you’ve traveled anywhere if you haven’t experienced the food, and there’s plenty of great food in Vegas. The city offers a whole host of restaurants, including the Buffet of Buffets. This strange restaurant may seem expensive at first glance, but considering that one ticket buys you twenty-four hours of access to several different buffets, it might be worth it.

There are also many other great restaurants, serving everything from pizza to Japanese food, to burgers and fries. There are also a few great places for dessert, including Ethel M’s, a veritable Mecca of chocolate. It also includes a cactus farm. Don’t mix those up, or you could have a very unpleasant experience.

Las Vegas may be known for its gambling, but you don’t have to gamble to enjoy it, nor do you have to be rich. There are plenty of cheap things to do in Vegas that don’t involve gambling. We’ve mentioned only a few of them in this article, but there’s plenty more. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you’re interested. If you want more information and advice on fashion, culture, and other lifestyle topics, please visit our site.

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