Easy Ways to Start Taking Better Care of Yourself Today

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Wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. If you are trapped in this cycle and your days have started to look a lot alike, it is time to make some changes. Neglecting your body and your mind and not paying attention to your needs is a recipe for a disaster. After all, you need to rest physically as well as mentally or you won’t be able to function properly. Telling yourself that you don’t have time for self-care is a lie that will cost you your health, and there are so many simple ways to take care of yourself that won’t disrupt your busy schedule. Incorporate the following into your daily routine and soon you will start to notice some positive changes.

A little exercise goes a long way

A morning workout can do wonders for your stress levels and help you feel energized and motivated. You don’t have to go to the gym or spend an hour on your stationary bike. A simple, brisk walk every morning is all you need to improve your overall health. Therefore, prepare your work outfit the night before and wake up a little earlier than usual. Maybe this will feel like torture at the beginning, but after a while you will begin to wake up before your alarm even goes off.

Morning meditation for your soul

By meditating for only five minutes each morning you will maintain a balanced mind and prepare yourself for daily challenges. All you need to do is find a quiet place where you will sit, relax and think about all the things you are grateful for. Now that doesn’t sound too complicated or time-consuming, does it?

Go to bed on time

Instead of watching TV on the couch until you pass out around 3 am, go to bed early and give your body and mind time to rest. If you have trouble falling asleep, keep in mind that there are some things you need to avoid before bedtime, such as eating excessively or using your phone. 

Read a book


Every day we do something to escape from reality. While most popular choices are watching a TV show or scrolling through someone else’s Instagram, take a break from technology and read a book or a magazine instead. Reading will relax you and help you recharge your batteries. 

You’ll also find that self-care before you go to bed helps your mental health and also allows you to fall asleep more easily. Using a Waterpik alternative for dental care, practicing some skin care efforts, and even taking a warm, steamy shower can help you feel fresher and more focused, allowing you to send off the day in the best possible mood, ready for whatever a new one will bring.

Schedule me-time 

Be honest, when you sit down to fill out your calendar for the day, you most likely never schedule in time for yourself. We remember to go to work, buy our groceries, attend a meeting, pay the bills and meet the deadlines, but it seems that we never remember to make room for me-time. Find time in the morning to drink your coffee in peace or visit your friends in the evening, and every day remember to do something that makes you happy.

Leave your phone alone 

If every morning you open your eyes and immediately reach for your smartphone, you need to learn to unplug from technology. Instead of checking your email, reading the messages and seeing what’s new on Facebook, leave the electronics alone and give yourself time to prepare for the day. Have a cup of coffee, make breakfast and grab your phone at the very end of your morning ritual.

Eat home-cooked meals

Fast food is usually not healthy and it can lead to weight gain. In order to take care of your body, avoid dining out and instead buy fresh groceries and turn them into a delicious home-cooked meal.  If you pre-pack your lunch the night before you won’t have to satisfy your hunger with salty, processed food.

You have only one body and one mind, and you need to keep them in good shape. These simple activities listed above will help you nurture your most valuable assets, so make sure you include them in your daily schedule. 

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