Find The Right Type Of Exercise To Suit Your Lifestyle

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Exercise should be something that you can naturally integrate into your lifestyle. If it’s too much of a disruption to your routine, you’re less likely to be motivated to keep it up. Here are just a few ways in which you can find the right exercise for your lifestyle.

Fit it around your work schedule

Many of us have hectic work schedules, which can make it hard to find time to exercise. However, you don’t have to spend hours in a gym per day to get a good workout. In fact, thirty minutes is all you may need.

Walking or cycling to work is one way in which you may be able to get some cardio exercise into you day. Even if you live so far away from work that you have to drive, you don’t have to park up right next to your workplace – parking a mile away and cycling the rest of the journey could give you that workout you need.

Then there’s the option of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This involves doing short bursts of exercises. You may be able to stop at the gym on the way to work or on the way back and only spend thirty minutes there a time. Alternatively, there may be a gym near your workplace that you can visit for thirty minutes on your lunch break to get in your workout (just make sure that you leave time to eat).

Combine hobbies and interests

Another way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle is to centre it around interests and hobbies. Sports like basketball are great forms of exercise themselves – even if you only play once per week, you may be able to find time for other workouts throughout the week that also double up as basketball training such as vertical jump training. You’ll be getting your exercise in and improving your ability at your sport.

Other hobbies and interests could also give you the physical activity you need. Gardening, walking and dancing are just a few examples of hobbies that can help you get a sweat up. You may even be able to combine static core exercises with hobbies ranging from gaming to knitting.

Exercise whilst you watch TV

Talking of static exercises, these are perfect for doing whilst watching the TV. This could be a way of getting the exercise you need, while also catching up on your favorite TV shows.

Other exercises that you can do while watching TV include squats, push-ups, leg raises and exercises with weights. You can even find creative ways of incorporating the sofa into your exercises.

Exercise whilst you do housework

Housework needn’t take priority over exercise. Most housework is a physical job itself and can be turned into a workout. Take hoovering as an example – you can practice your lunges as you’re vacuuming and move furniture to help get in some heavy lifting.

There are many other household tasks that can be combined with exercise. While washing up, you can practice squats. As for cleaning wooden floors, you can give your arms a workout by trying to scrub out some of those tough marks by hand. You’ll get your house looking clean and you’ll give yourself a workout while doing it.

Exercise with kids and pets

Having kids and pets is also no excuse to skip workouts. In fact, you can exercise with them.

There are countless ways to combine exercise and time with your kids. When it comes to infants, you can go on hikes with your little one in a sling to help practice some strength and endurance training. As for toddlers, simply playing games with them and lifting them up until you’re knackered could be a great workout. As kids get older, you can then start to take up active family hobbies with them such as playing soccer in the park or going cycling together.

As for pets, dogs are likely to be most time-consuming, and yet these are the perfect animals for exercising with. Most dogs love long walks, which can be a chance for you to also get in a workout. Some people even go jogging with their dogs (obviously certain breeds are better suited for doing this with). 


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