Gifts for coworkers: what to get them

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Giving gifts to coworkers is an honorable tradition, as long as certain etiquettes are followed – for example, it’s best not to give personal gifts that are worn on the body (perfume, jewelry, etc), gag gifts (unless you’re close buddies with the recipient), or gifts like wine and spirits to people who are known not to drink, whether for personal or religious reasons.

But once you observe those certain etiquettes, there’s a whole world of great gifts you can give to coworkers, whether it’s for Secret Santa gift exchanges, trinkets you bought while traveling on vacation, or just brightening up your coworkers’ day at the office. In this article we’ll explore some of those great, simple and tasteful gift ideas, like these gift hampers your coworkers are sure to appreciate.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Mugs – or just coffee


Coffee is love, coffee is life – especially during work hours. And coffee mugs are actually an awesome gift, even if it sounds cliche. The trick is to avoid generic coffee mugs, and find coffee mugs that appeal to the recipient. They can be personalized with the recipient’s name, or have a funny slogan, or a photo of the coworkers favorite band – basically, try to make it unique, not just a Dollar General Store generic coffee mug.

So for that reason, we’d aim for a cool eco-friendly coffee cup, like the one pictured above, which is made from bamboo. Alternatively, if buying a coffee cup no matter how personalized seems a little too generic for you, you can gift a bag of coffee beans. Find out your coworkers favorite roast and flavor profile, and go ahead and buy them a bag of it.

Stackable Lunch Pots

If your coworker is still bringing lunch in a paper bag to work, they will surely appreciate something like a stackable lunch pot. The best ones are leak-proof sealed and act like thermoses, to keep your coworkers food hot, so they don’t need to pop their lunch in the office microwave.

Portable Power Banks

If your coworker frequently complains about their phone battery life, buy them a nice portable power bank, to keep their devices charged even on the go. You don’t need to spend money on a seriously heavy-duty power bank for travelers, just something that will give them a little extra 1 or 2 hours of battery life during office hours.

You can find great mini power banks with power ratings between 3,000mAh – 5,000mAh, for less than $30.

Chair Back Cushions

Let’s face it, office chairs are not exactly known for their comfort and lumbar support. Memory foam back cushions feel simply amazing, and typically cost no more than $20 – $30.Your coworkers will feel a lot more productive when they don’t need to constantly stretch and adjust their sitting position. Your coworker (and their back) will surely thank you for this.


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