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Gold Jewelry Collections: Fall 2019 Edition

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Wondering what to wear this fall? Look no further than this list. From the inexpensive to luxurious, here are some of the gold jewelry collections you should watch out for.

Oscar de la Renta – Gold Necklace Collection

It was hard to miss the overwhelming amount of gold necklaces on the runway this fall. What was a more notable thing was the oversized chain-linked jewelry that hung off the necks and ears of the models. Added a chunky necklace always packs a punch for any outfit, but the chain-links no doubt add an urban feel to an otherwise sophisticated dress. 

Oscar de la Renta’s Oversized Chain Link Necklace dropped as a part of his gold necklace collection. Other notable pieces are the Hammered Link Necklace and the Nugget Necklace, which are both huge and heavy show stoppers. 

Gurhan – Vertigo Collection

Featuring gorgeous 24K gold handcrafted pieces, Gurhan’s Vertigo Collection lives up to its namesake. Vertigo spouts a wide range of bracelets and necklaces that are simple to wear whether you want to dress up or down. This collection also has a matching pair of hoop or stiletto earrings that truly compliment the overall look and design.

Gurhan’s Vertigo Bracelet, with Triple Strand with Nine Pave Diamond Stations is truly a sight to behold and will look good on any wrist. Add the 40mm Vertigo Hoop Earrings and the 18” Vertigo necklace to complete the look.

Laura Lombardi – Gold Brass Earring Collection

Let’s keep this chunky jewelry vibe alive since it’s going to be huge this season. Laura Lombardi’s specialty is gold minimalist jewelry, and her atelier is more affordable that the other two on this list. This New York label features oversized necklaces and rings, but for now we’re focusing on the earring in her collection. 

Laura Lombardi’s Interlock Earrings are the perfect thing to pair with your other gold jewelry. Although they’re made of brass, they give off the shining quality of gold. Her gold plated Luna Ring, and tiny Cable Chain would be great additions to your collection.

Kay Jewelers – Gold Ring Collection

Now we’re heading for the really affordable, yet still beautiful, gold rings and things. Kay Jewelers is especially great at crafting wedding jewelry, along with wedding bands for men and women. You can shop Kay’s Gold Ring Collection by either 10K, 14K, and 18K. All of their products are built to last, with their most popular rings being the gold stackable ones.

Kay Jewelers Stackable Ring in 14K Yellow Gold is the perfect minimalist ring. If you want something more chunky, their 10k Two-Tone Gold Open Band Ring along with their 10K Yellow Gold Ring will add weight to your hand.

Maria Black – Re-Release Collection/Gold Hoops

Hoop galore, and at an affordable price too! Maria Black is a UK based jewelry company producing beautiful and unique gold hoop designs. Gold hoops are essential to any outfit, and remain a staple for a reason – they look good with everything. Re-Release shows off her classic and most popular styles – most notably her Frida earrings.

Maria Black’s Elvira Green Earrings are made of high polished gold and sterling silver. If you want to add a little more color to your outfit, try Anita Purple Earrings or Anita Orange Earrings instead.

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