Here’s why Manchester should be on your travel list

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Manchester is one of the UK’s biggest cities. Every year, countless tourists make their way to Manchester in order to enjoy a hearty vacation.According to reports, there has been a significant surge in the number of tourists visiting Manchester. In 2017, approximately 1,310,000 tourists visited Manchester, compared to 1,191,000 in 2016. In simple words, there was an increase of about 10 per cent. Wow, these are staggering numbers, aren’t they? 

In all fairness, there’s a lot that you can do in Manchester. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, the city will amaze you with its culture, music and food.

Here are a Few things you can do in Manchester:

Give the independent record stores in Manchester a shot

You can pay a visit to one of the Independent record stores, such as Vinyl Exchange and Piccadilly Records. These stores have been selling have been selling Mancs with good tunes for years. Also, the collections are awesome. If you come near the City Centre, you’ll find a few record stores there as well. In Charlton, you will find a store named Kingbee Records. They offer Wet Wet Wet albums that are no longer popular. Many people come all the way from New York with empty suitcases to buy old records.

Victoria Baths

It used to be one of the country’s most popular municipal bathing institutions at the time of its opening in 1906. When the place was shut down in 1993, every single thing, right from the tiles to the changing rooms was preserved. Now, the place is known to host some of the most rocking events in town. If you love having beer, then  you need to attend the Independent Manchester Beer Convention.

How can we not mention the Old Trafford?

This one’s for all the football fans planning to visit Manchester. Two of the Premier League’s best football clubs are based in Manchester. Manchester United, popularly known as the Red Devils, have won the Premier League 13 times (wow, that’s a staggering number). Manchester City, on the other hand, are the defending champions of the Premier League. Some of the world’s finest footballers play for these powerhouses. The Manchester derby ( a match between Manchester United and Manchester City) ends up pulling a lot of spectators as it happens to be a battle of epic proportions. 

Attend a rock concert at the Manchester Arena

Well, if you happen to be a music lover, then Manchester should definitely be there on your travel list. The Manchester Arena is a party goer’s ‘Mecca’. Every year, some of the finest and most celebrated musicians land in Manchester to give live performances. Sir Elton John is scheduled to perform in Manchester in November 2020. Yes, you heard that right. If you happen to be one of Sir Elton John’s die-hard fans, then get your tickets booked using Tic Flip. Well, you will simply love it. 

Street food is awesome

Well, if you are a street food lover, then you should come to Manchester. The Hatch, Oxford Road houses some great restaurants and roadside eateries. Here, you will find economical options to put to rest  all of your street food cravings. In Manchester, If you want to treat yourself to some mouth-watering delicacies, then get your tickets to Manchester booked at the earliest possible instance.


Happy vacationing, folks!

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