How To Have A Great Flight Worthy Of An A-Lister

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Flying isn’t everyone’s favorite way to travel. Cramped seats, noisy fellow passengers and the sheer length of the flight can make it an uncomfortable experience for some people.

So why do celebrities always look fresh and flawless after a flight? The good news is that there a few secrets you should be aware of to help you have your best flight yet. Want to make your next voyage more luxurious? Here’s how to have a great flight worthy of an A-lister.

Give yourself plenty of time

Catching a flight is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful ways to travel. They can be busy and unpredictable, and being late to the airport won’t help your cause. Get to the airport as early as possible to account for traffic, lines and any other hold-ups. Even if you’ve got a lot of time to kill, you can indulge in some shopping, use the airport’s facilities and relax in the bar. A bit of organization will help take away some of the stress of traveling.

Blag an upgrade

Want to live the A-list life but don’t have the funds to allow it? Believe it or not, you could blag an upgrade on your next flight. From asking whether the flight is full to cashing in some club member benefits, you could find yourself getting a free upgrade to a more comfortable class. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for upgrade deals when booking your flight, you could find yourself with an upgraded flight for an affordable price.

Invest in comfy loungewear

Having a travel outfit you can feel comfortable in, especially for a long haul flight, is important. Investing in some cozy loungewear can help you feel relaxed on your flight, and is the closest you’ll get to some pajamas! Remember to get some comfy compression socks from They’re practical, and they’ll keep your feet warm! 

Use your time to pamper yourself

Seeing celebrities emerge from a flight looking refreshed and glowing defies everything you know about flying. So what’s the secret? Give yourself an in-flight facial! Take some of your best beauty goodies on board with you, including some effective cleansing products, a sheet or face mask and a luxury moisturizing mask. The cabin air can be drying, but with the right products to hand, you can give your skin a glowing boost. Tame your bed hair and throw on some sunglasses, you’ll nail the A-List look in no time!

Flying might not be your favorite activity, but who’s to say you can’t do it in style? From allowing yourself plenty of time at the airport to perfecting your in-flight routine, you can change your approach to flying to ensure it’s a treat, not a chore! If reading this has given you some itchy feed, why not look at some travel inspiration to help you plan your next trip?



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