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How to Pick Out an Engagement Ring: 11 Super Helpful Tips

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Getting the right engagement ring is not only important, but also a challenge. Click here to learn how to pick out an engagement ring.

Over 80 percent of women get a whopping, great, big diamond engagement ring even before they walk down the aisle?

Getting the right engagement ring is important. However, it’s also a difficult challenge if you’re not trained in jewelry shopping.

You need all the help you can get to make your spouse happy with your chosen bling. But, it’s less daunting if you have the right advice!

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Stick to Your Budget 

Everyone knows the tradition. The guy has to dig deep into his pocket for the engagement ring.

People say he should spend around three-month’s worth of wages on the engagement ring. 

This isn’t always possible. If you want to get engaged because you love each other, don’t allow this silly rule to stop you from doing it.

If you follow the tradition and earn around $30,000 per year before tax, you would be expected to pay more $7,000 on an engagement ring.

If you cannot afford to come up with this kind of cash, stick to a budget you can afford. Remember, the median American spends approximately two-weeks salary on an engagement ring. 

Don’t Rush Into Anything

Have you already got down on one knee? Are you still waiting for the right moment?

Either way, you shouldn’t rush into anything. You have plenty of time to get your hands on the perfect engagement ring.

You and your partner could be wearing this ring for the rest of your lives. So make sure it isn’t a careless decision!

Even if you think you know the type of ring you want, you could quickly change your mind once you go to jewelry stores.

It could take a few trips before you determine which engagement ring you want to keep on your finger.

Always Price Compare

Have you already found the perfect engagement ring? 

Don’t hand over your credit card yet. Make sure you always do a price comparison to see if you can get a better deal somewhere else.

Shopping Solo, With Friends or Your Fiancé

You need to decide whether you shop for the engagement ring of your dreams by yourself, with friends, or with your future wife/husband.

If you go shopping by yourself then you keep your engagement ring a secret from your partner. You may even decide to pick their ring for them as a surprise.

Need moral support? Take a friend or a family member to help you with selecting the right engagement ring.

Shopping for engagement rings together can be a romantic and fun day out together. Over 62 percent of couples go shopping together. Think of it as one of your first shared experiences together as fiancés. 

Tough Choices to be Made

Nobody can help you decide which engagement ring to get. You need to make up your mind yourself. 

You need to learn the four Cs. The cut of the diamond, the color of the band, the clarity of the diamond and the carat. 

What kind of metal do you want? Platinum is beautiful but yellow gold could be a classy way.

What shape do you go for? There are so many different shapes and sizes of engagement rings, you’ll need to try lots of different ones before you make your choice.

Are you not sure about what you see in the shops? You can customize your ring so that you get exactly what you want.  

Go With Your Instinct

Just as with your fiancé, you may have known that they were the right one for you as soon as you set your eyes on them.

Don’t question your instinct too much. When you put the engagement ring on your finger, you’ll know immediately that it was made with you in mind.

Stand Out From the Crowd

You may think that every engagement ring looks the same. Are you sick of the traditional and dull rings on the shelves?

Don’t shy away from choosing something that will attract attention. Your engagement ring is a statement about your relationship and personality.

Get a Certificate 

If you have purchased an engagement ring with a shiny diamond, get it checked out. 

There are plenty of ways that you can acquire a lab certification to prove the diamond is the real deal. 

You don’t want to discover years from now that you have been carrying a worthless rock on your fingers all this time.

Find Out the Return Policy

Make sure you get a recipe for the engagement ring. Find out what the return policy is before you hand over your credit card as well.

You might not think that you will want to take back the ring. But, it’s important to protect yourself from losing a lot of money if everything blows up.

Get Insurance for Your Purchase

You may not have spent this much money ever before. You could consider taking out insurance on the engagement ring. This can protect your investment in the case of theft or damage.

Show the Ring off on Social Media

Now that you have your engagement ring, it’s time to show it to the world.

Post a selfie on social media with your ring on your finger. Pause and wait for the “likes” and “comments” to come in!

 How to Pick Out an Engagement Ring?

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a challenge. You need to think carefully about how to pick out an engagement ring.

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