Impressing A Business Client In Style

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As a business, it might not be that you are interested in catering to the masses of public consumers. Many firms opt instead for a smaller, yet more affluent clientele. These clients are often discerning in taste, and it can take some time to ensure you compete with other firms for this level of client. This is exciting because this can also give you the means to try and become the best business possible, refining yourself to the strongest possible degree.

Impressing a client in style is part of this equation. If you can ensure this approach, you may find that you not only gain loyalty within that section of clientele you truly care about, but that they may leave large tips for your staff, recommend your business to others, and actualize your firm to a level that you may not have expected. Additionally, this gives you the platform to raise your standards day and night, which can be thoroughly motivational to your staff, and those making the large decisions in your firm.

With the following advice, you’ll see how this can be so:

Complimentary Rides

It’s not uncommon for a client to visit you in person when they are affluent, and if they are in town, showing them a good time can be important. A limo service might help transfer them to your offices so you can talk about that deal, can transition talent from one place to another, or may even help you move to a more informal location such as a restaurant with a sense of class and style. After all, considering this experience part of your branding can reflect well on you in the final instance.

One Reliable Point Of Contact

When it comes to managing and holding affluent clients, ensuring they have one reliable point of contact is important. They will not only develop a relationship with your client, but also ensure that their needs are arranged. While you may not be involved in this business, it’s important to consider the example of Casino high rollers. When they come in, they are often given complimentary items, but more importantly they are handled by a representative of the hotel who will ensure every need they have is catered for, while also directing them to the new features. A friendly face is always appreciated, and this is no different.


Goodwill is important. Perhaps if someone is spending a good amount of money with you, it is customary to ensure that you ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’ For example, a complimentary business lunch can be important. If someone is coming to see your inventory of cars and is potentially going to purchase one or two of the most expensive models with cash, then giving them a complimentary hotel room can be important. This way goodwill builds, and you ensure their custom is guaranteed.

With this advice, we hope you can better cater to your clients, impressing them in style.


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