Improve Your Self Confidence In 3 Simple Steps

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We all lack a little bit of self confidence once in a while. Sometimes we might look in the mirror to hate our bodies, feel frumpy, despise our cellulite or wince at the sight of a new wrinkle. However, we need to learn to grow old gracefully. It’s one thing in life that we cannot change; however, we can alter the way we feel about our appearance. For some people, this lack of self confidence turns into a more chronic condition. If you feel low, you are struggling to leave the house or you lack the mojo to enjoy new and exciting situations, you need to do something about it. Take a look at how you can improve your self confidence in three simple steps.

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Shifting a few pounds is a lot easier said than done. It’s difficult to find the motivation to head to the gym, go on the rowing machine and work up a sweat. You know that you need to go to get your endorphins pumping, but it can be hard to attend the gym when you are feeling so self conscious about your body. Begin by changing up your diet. Swap the sugary snacks for fruit and the highly processed carbs for whole grains. When you begin to see your appearance and body shape change, you will begin to feel happier in your own skin. Then, you can get yourself some cool gym gear and hit the treadmill with a few pals. Making a gym session a more sociable activity can give you more motivation to stick to a fitness plan.


If you are concerned about one particular area of your body, there are specific exercises that you can do to tone up or shift the weight. If your tummy needs toning up, crunchies and sit ups are perfect. If you feel like your thighs need toning up, squats are ideal. For some people, these sorts of exercises don’t show results speedily enough. Rather than turning to invasive plastic surgery, why not check out BodEnvy cool sculpting alternatives to shift the fat and make your skin appear years younger. While you may want to accept your body for what it is, a little help never hurt anyone. If it boosts your self confidence, go for it.

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Social Media Detox 

Forget Instagram for a little while and learn to live in the real world. Too many people are scrolling mindlessly through their Instagram feeds to be confronted by unrealistic heavily filtered selfies. These seemingly aspirational images are fake and photoshopped and can leave people feeling self conscious and inferior. Instead of spending your evenings with your head stuck to a tablet or smartphone, catch a movie with friends, go out for dinner and enjoy spending some time outdoors. By removing the triggers that sap your self confidence you can rebuild your self esteem.

There’s nothing worse than social media for destroying lives in the twenty first century. As more and more young people become addicted to unattainable images, a wave of unconfident young women will grow up to lack self confidence. Break the mold, say goodbye to Instagram, enjoy getting fit and change up your diet to help improve your self confidence.

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