Inspirational Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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One of the joys of the holiday season is the thrill of giving to those you love. Unfortunately, it can often feel stressful and overwhelming to browse for ideas during the busiest time of the year. For family members and long-time friends, you may find yourself out of new ideas. If you’re purchasing for someone new, how do you know where to begin? There is also stress in trying to determine what would be appropriate based on the nature of the relationship. And in the end, no one wants to waste time and money on a gift that won’t be used or appreciated. Fortunately, a fresh approach to gift-giving can help you give the perfect present every time, from winter holidays to memorable milestones and every event in between. These five gifts can help to inspire hope, goodwill and love to all who give and receive them.

1. Plant a Tree in Someone’s Name

It’s crucial to care for the planet, and planting a tree in a friend or family member’s name is a beautiful way to honor them while making a positive impact on the environment. The Arbor Day Foundation has programs to help make sure trees are planted where there is a significant need. Donors will receive a certificate to signify the gift. For an even more personal approach, plant something yourself in a local park and invite your loved one on a walk to see it. Just be sure you go through the proper channels at your local parks department to avoid fines, damage or other penalties.

2. Name a Star After a Friend or Loved One

The mystic beauty of space is awe-inspiring. Give your loved one their own place in the universe by naming a star after them. The process is easy and economical, and they will receive a certificate of recognition as well as a map to help locate their star. Go the extra mile and give them a new telescope to find it from home!

3. Give Jewelry With a Deeper Meaning

Jewelry is always a classy gift choice, but it can often feel impersonal. Instead, of a standard pair of earrings, select uncommon pieces that are symbolic to send wishes of peace, prosperity and encouragement to others. Companies like Ka Gold Jewelry specialize in jewelry with a unique design and inspiration drawn from a variety of sources. Regardless of your loved one’s spiritual views, there’s something out there for every person in every stage of life. In addition, the intricate details and singular design of sacred jewelry make it an excellent conversation piece.

4. Donate to a Person in Need

If you know someone who “already has everything”, it’s a great idea to give to the less fortunate in their name. Many organizations allow you to give livestock, medical supplies and water sanitation kits to families in third world areas who are struggling to simply survive. Care for the young or the elderly by sponsoring an orphanage or nursing home. You could even make a donation to a local homeless shelter or charity that would be meaningful to your loved one.

5. Give the Gift of Learning With Tuition to a Class or Workshop

Lifelong learning gives you a better quality of life, keeps the brain and body healthier and helps add meaning and fulfillment to anyone’s life. Whether it’s online or in-person, there are hundreds of classes to choose from to help improve your life and give you a creative outlet. From music and art to cooking and home improvement skills, a workshop or class is a great gift to help inspire a new interest or foster an old passion. Quality time is also a great gift, so take a class together to make this gift idea even more special.

When choosing an inspirational gift, there are options for virtually every budget and interest. Choosing to give a gift with a deeply symbolic meaning shows intention, thought and love, as well as a commitment to meaningful values. Before you go the traditional route when buying gifts this year, consider an inspirational approach. This will ensure that your money is well spent and that the recipient catches a glimpse of your heart and giving spirit.

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