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Perks of Becoming a Skin Therapy Professional

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Not all of us are suited to having a boss. Many of us plan to run our own business and take charge.

There are a lot of benefits from being self-employed and on top. Nobody can dictate hours and decide when we take holidays. We are able to work when we want and take time off when we need it. Our hours are flexible as we create our own rotas, which makes it a whole lot easier to have a happy life despite a demanding work schedule.

If you are into health and beauty and are thinking about taking your working life into your hands then think about Emma Coates Aesthetic Training.

When you have completed one of our courses and got things in place you will be to choose your own hours and follow your passions.

Starting your aesthetics clinic

It’s often stressful working under someone else’s rota. Family illness, last-minute journeys and events tied to your kid’s school can cause you to find ways of bending your hours, taking long weekends or starting later in the day.

Frequently these things are not possible without the risk of losing holiday days or the need to prepare everything in advance. There is not always time or the energy for these things. However, being able to set your own hours as a self-employed aesthetic practitioner, you can create a schedule around the work you want to do.

In our experience, a lot of people who set themselves up as aesthetic practitioners are nurses who have been looking for ways to utilise their skills and move away from long, hard hours.  With a job as a nurse, it can mean little personal or family time. You are getting up early in the morning and coming home late. You are bound to be tired and ready to get into bed.

With the additional stress of having to put the kids to bed and making time to spend with loved ones, all of this can often become too much to bear. However, by switching into the field of aesthetics, you open up the possibility of learning new skills and starting your own business. Once you have done this you will be setting your own hours.

As a self-employed boss, you will also find you have more control over the money you are able to take home at the end of each month.

It’s possible that you have previously always been on a minimum wage, or doing a job that did not pay enough to cover all the costs of living and looking after a family. Whatever your previous situation, as a self-employed aesthetic practitioner you will be offering aesthetic treatments for hundreds of pounds for each client.  This means that you will find you are taking home a significant amount of money.

In addition, many treatments require repeat sessions, especially when a client desires the results to last, so you will find you are gaining repeat business, which helps create a steady flow of income.

As a business owner, you decide how much money you keep and what you reinvest into your business for stuff like equipment, further courses and employing helpers.

When you follow one of the courses offered by Emma Coates Aesthetic Training you can not only escape a job that maybe gives you no happiness, but also you will be able to explore areas of health, beauty and aesthetics that inspire you.



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