Swap Out The Plastic In Your Life With These 12 Things

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Plastic’s days are numbered. More and more of us are becoming aware of the devastating effects that single-use plastics can have on our environment and are making the changes necessary to reduce our plastic consumption. So if you’re looking at more ways to ditch the plastic then here are 12 simple swaps that you could make. 

Plastic produce bags for reusable produce bags

It’s great that so many supermarkets have now ditched plastic bags at the checkout but many still provide unnecessary plastic bags in their produce sections. Most items in the produce section really don’t need to be put into a bag at all,l and you can simply put them straight in your shopping basket and then give them a rinse before you use them. But if you really must bag them for whatever reason, then invest in a set of reusable produce bags. Reusable produce bags come in many different shapes and sizes and they look so much nicer than the plastic ones too.


Plastic straws for reusable straws

If you’re still using plastic straws then where have you been the past few years! Plastic straws are well and truly out and with so many alternatives including silicone, metal, glass and bamboo there’s really no excuse to still be using them. Reusable straws used to be gimmicky props for foodie bloggers but now they’ve taken over and there are colours, styles and shapes for every occasion. Keep a set in your car, at work, maybe keep one in your handbag and several at home to make sure you always have one handy. You can even buy little straw wraps to keep them clean and ready to use.


Your takeaway cup for a reusable coffee cup

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When you throw away a single-use coffee cup you actually throw away two pieces of plastic, the plasticised cup and the plastic lid. Asking to have your reusable cup filled is becoming commonplace and most establishments now also offer a discount for bringing your own vessel. There are now so many varieties of reusable cups out there, from collapsable ones that save on space to those that can keep your coffee warm for up to 12 hours, so find one that suits you and make the switch.

Plastic applicator tampons for DAME

Tampon applicators, even the cardboard ones, contain plastic and with millions used each day that’s a lot of single-use plastic. Menstrual cups and non-applicator tampons have been around for a while but for those who like to use an applicator, there didn’t seem to be an alternative, until DAME. DAME is a reusable tampon applicator made out of medical-grade silicone. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and will save thousands of plastic applicators from going to landfill each year.

Plastic coffee and teacups for branded ceramic mugs

Many offices still use single-use plastic cups when serving tea and coffee to guests. Save the planet and promote your brand at the same time by using personally branded ceramic mugs instead, you’ll look much more professional and be saving a lot of plastic from landfill.


Cheap plastic razors for a steel safety razor

Razors have come full circle and it’s time to ditch your plastic razor and return back to using a steel safety razor. Not only do they look far fancier but they’ll likely give you a better shave too, whilst also saving you from throwing away hundreds of plastic razors each year. Switching back to a steel safety razor can take some getting used to but once you’ve made the change you won’t go back.


Clingfilm for beeswax wrap

Clingfilm and plastic wrap are such a waste of plastic and there are now quite a few alternatives that will help to keep your food fresh. Beeswax wrap is just one of them, made from a sheet of cotton coated in beeswax, naturally a little sticky, they cling perfectly to bowls and themselves making them a great wrap alternative. They can be wiped clean easily and when the wax wears off you simply rewax the cloth and use them again and again.

Single-use water bottles for a reusable bottle

Leaving the house with a reusable bottle will save you so much money and also stop you from wasting so much plastic. Stainless steel bottles are the rugged choice and will last a lifetime and for those who like something a little fancier then you can also get glass water bottles too.


Plastic toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes 

Dental hygiene isn’t the first thing that often springs to mind when thinking about plastic and yet toothpaste comes in a plastic tube, mouthwash in a plastic bottle and toothbrushes themselves are made of plastic. A simple swap is to change your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one, and if you’re serious about cutting down on plastic then you can get toothpaste in refillable containers and mouthwash tabs too.


Plastic cutlery for metal cutlery

Most takeaway outlets now ask if you would like cutlery before providing it, but you can cut out plastic cutlery altogether by simply carrying a small container of reusable metal cutlery. As with straws, it’s best to keep a few sets dotted in places you may need them to make sure you always have them on hand. They also make great stocking fillers!

Plastic bags for tote bags

This one’s an obvious one, but swapping out plastic bags for tote bags means that you can shop in style, promote your favourite causes and save the planet all at the same time. Tote bags are just so universally handy and they’re so much stronger than bags for life too.

Plastic freezer bags for silicone freezer bags

Silicone bags are growing in popularity and can help you save hundreds of plastic food bags from going to landfill each year. Silicon food bags can be put in the freezer, dishwasher and even in the oven, making them far more versatile than their plastic counterparts. Take them to work or school as sandwich bags, store chopped fruit and vegetable or marinade your meat and fish, their uses are nearly endless. 

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