Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall Clothing Fashion

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Can you smell pumpkin spice latte in the air? Oh yes, fall is here and it has brought us amazing colors, colder weather and the beginning of the holiday season. However, if you are on a tight budget seeing all those window displays with new clothing collections is just a painful reminder that you have nothing to wear this season. Don’t let them fool you, chances are you probably have a great foundation for autumn wardrobe in your closet, you just have to have to get better at mixing and matching things. With just a couple of amazing pieces you can easily transition your summer outfits to fall clothing fashion. This way you will save money while still managing to look gorgeous and stylish. 

Breathe new life into your old maxi dresses 

A lot of ladies adore their maxi dresses, and for a good reason. This clothing item is great for hanging out at home, for walks on the beach, shopping with your friends as well as those hot summer nights. And the best part is, you don’t have to put them in the back of your closet when fall arrives. In fact, by wearing your maxi dress with long sleeves it can easily be transformed into a causal fall item. Wear it with a belted blazer, a sweater or a jacket and you are good to go.

Get a cute pair of boots 

Nothing says autumn more than a pair of boots, so get a few pairs of cheap fashion boots and you will easily transform any summer outfit into a fall one. Wear your dresses, skirts or shorts with knee-high boots and a leather jacket and you will look stylish at all times. There are also so many great ways to combine shoes with skinny jeans, and pairing them with ankle-length boots is one of them. As you can see, this type of footwear is the perfect item to stretch your wardrobe, so buy a couple of pairs in different heights.

Cover your bare legs with tights 

Tights are usually not that expensive, and with this item you can easily extend the life of your summer outfits. Wear your favorite summer dress with a pair of tights and cute boots, and your wardrobe will scream ‘fall is here’. On the other hand, if you are not a huge fan of tights, you can always opt for leggings. Since they come in various patterns and colors, you can easily combine them with your other clothing pieces, such as your summery tunics. 

It is all about layers

Layered looks are not just fashionable, they are also very practical. You can always put something on or take it off in case you feel cold or hot, and create new looks with every layer. Just keep in mind that you should always layer long over lean in order to avoid that bulky look. For example, you can wear your skinny jeans with your favorite long tank top, and then just add a cardigan to finish your fall outfit

Opt for deeper colors 

Forget about your pastel and neon shirts and go with deeper colors such as rich jewel and earth tones. However, even if your closet isn’t really full of turquoise, plum, or ocher items, it is not the end of the world. Just take a bright dress and combine it with a darker cardigan and a turquoise statement necklace, and you will have a fall-appropriate outfit. 

As you can see, with some simple tricks you can easily transform your summer outfit into fall clothing fashion without buying a completely new wardrobe or spending too much money. Layers, darker colors, accessories, and richer textures can help you make it through the fall without breaking the bank.

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