Toowoomba, Queensland: Your Next Destination

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Let us take you to one of Queensland’s best holiday destination: Toowoomba. This tourist destination is often referred to as the Garden City and is located on the edge of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. It only takes an hour and a half drive to reach Toowoomba from Brisbane.  

This city stands at 2,624.67 feet above sea level making it the Queensland’s biggest inland city. Toowoomba is home to more than a hundred parks and gardens. Hence, the name “Garden City.”

Best Time to Visit

Tourists can enjoy the weather in Toowoomba all year-round. Spring season brings a splash of color while summertime lets you enjoy clear and sunny days. Meanwhile, tourists can experience the beauty of autumn as the leaves fall and be mesmerized by the gentle cold air during winter.

Each September, the city transforms into a beautiful and colorful city as it hosts its annual event, the Carnival of Flowers. At this time, the city draws in tons of tourists who want to take part in this local festival. This eventfeatures 10 days of entertainment, music, parades, fireworks as well as exciting activities for everyone. 

Things to Do in Toowoomba

There are plenty of things to do in the city. You’ll find several award-winning restaurants, cafes, wineries, and charming cottages. While Toowoomba presents itself as a charming town with stunning views, it is also a modern city with major shopping malls including the Toowoomba Grand Centra Shopping Centre and commercial establishments. There are also several museums and historical attractions across the city. 

Here’s a list of the best places to visit and things to do when you’re in Toowoomba. 

  1. Visit the Cobb & Co Museum. This historical museum features the National Carriage Collection which includes horse-drawn vehicles and exhibits showcasing the city’s cultural history. Take a stroll down memory lane as you go through the different forms of transportation in various eras. 
  2. Experience Toowoomba’s annual street-art festival. Every May, Toowoomba hosts a street-art event called First Coat. During this festival, artists gather in town and paint murals over the city walls. At the same time, visitors can listen to live music, join workshops, and explore the city.
  3. Check-out the hipster coffee shops. This lovely city may be traditional and conservative. However, in recent years, Toowoomba has evolved into a hipster place with vibrant and energetic establishments sprouting all across town. Tourists will find a couple of cool and funky hipster coffee shops in heritage buildings and along the streets. 
  4. Plan a picnic at Picnic Lookout and Parkland. This gorgeous park is nestled on the Great Dividing Range and offers magnificent views of Table Top Mountain. There are several lookout points within the park. 

This historically listed park also features an artificial garden and café making it a popular spot for events and weddings. This tourist spot attracts many visitors who want to appreciate the gorgeous scenery.  

  1. Visit the Japanese Gardens. The Japanese Gardens is the biggest traditional Japanese garden in Australia. This tranquil oasis was designed by a Japanese professor. The garden is designed with boulders, bamboos, cherry blossoms, bridges, and a flowing lake. 

It has every element of the traditional Japanese garden culture with a mix of native plants from Japan and Australia. This relaxing place attracts many artists whom you’ll often see painting the various subjects around the garden.  

Make the Most of Your Visit to Toowoomba

Toowoomba’s parks, gardens, and natural landscapes make this city unique and special. Apart from its nature and outdoor attractions, this charming city is a blend of old and modern culture. As the gateway to Queensland’s West, Toowoomba is an excellent holiday destination for tourists and is also the perfect weekend getaway for city dwellers who are looking for a quiet escape. 


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