Travel Industry Trends

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There is no denying that there are trends that shape all industries. No industry remains stagnant. Below, we are going to take a look at two of the most significant trends when it comes to the travel sector and corporate travel today. So, continue reading to discover everything that you need to know.

Travel industry uniform trends and considerations 

When purchasing work uniforms the travel industry arguably provides the greatest level of difficulty. Due to changing weather conditions and climates, you have a lot more to think about when it comes to finding the ideal work clothing. Nonetheless, if you bear some key factors in mind then you should be able to find great uniforms suited to the industry. 

The first thing you need to think about is the comfort of your employees. It is important that the clothes you choose are of lightweight yet quality material. Don’t pick any clothing that is fitted either – nobody wants to rock sweat patches whilst working in the sunshine. Opting for a polo shirt or a blouse is recommended. These provide ample space to manoeuvre, room to breathe, and thus offer the level of comfort desired. 

In addition to this, you also need to consider the color of the work uniforms. It is recommended that you opt for light colored clothing if your employees are likely to be visiting warm climates. After all, black and dark colors attract heat and will make it extremely difficult for your members of staff to work in such sweltering conditions. 

And finally, quality material is also very important. After all, you need to make sure that the clothing can withstand the different weather conditions. For example, if you choose a poor quality material then the sun could easily extract the color from the fabric. This would result in white patches appearing on the uniforms. It goes without saying that this would reduce the level of professionalism associated with your business attire. 

If you carefully consider the three points mentioned in this article then you will have the necessary knowledge needed to pick the perfect work uniforms for those working in traveling. Remember to opt for lightweight, light colored, quality and comfortable material, if you want your employees to look and feel good. Finish off with the likes of to make sure your employees have name tags for their uniforms.

Using prepaid credit cards

It is no secret that one of the key ingredients to a successful business is low costs. This incorporates everything from rental fees, to money spent on cleaning staff, to internet costs, to travel expenses. The latter part is a particularly interesting area of expense when you consider the progressions that have occurred over the past few years. Thanks to the prepaid card there is now the opportunity for businesses to minimize employee spending whilst on company trips. 

This is a trend which is only set to grow and grow. A lot of travel management companies are teaming up with leading prepaid card providers in order to merge these two beneficial services and give businesses the complete solution. 

The main reason why travel management companies are embracing the prepaid card is because they see its vast potential to save clients a substantial amount of money. Prior to the prepaid card businesses were using a method of pay and claim back. This is where employees spent whatever they deemed necessary and then the company paid them back when they returned from their trip. There is an evident issue with this method; employees are much more likely to spend more than they need to as no spending controls are in place. However, with the prepaid card companies have the ability to control employee spending through greater visibility.

Another way businesses can save money with the prepaid card is through their ability to load money onto the card at any time suited to them. If one of your employees is going to the United States for a business trip in six weeks time you can watch the exchange rate and then load funds onto the card when the exchange rate is desirable. This gives you the opportunity to cash in on a good exchange market. Not only this, but your company will benefit from a reduction in the risk of fraud related cash incidents.  

Nevertheless, your employee will also reap some benefits too. It is a lot safer from them to carry a prepaid card rather than having to use their own money. It is much more convenient to carry a card around too. Accessibility and usability is not a problem as ATMs worldwide accept popular prepaid cards, such as the MasterCard mentioned earlier. If a card is lost or stolen then there is typically an easy protocol in place to get a new one issued and the previous one cancelled within quick succession.

When you take all of these points into account it is quite easy to see why so many travel companies are encouraging their clients to take advantage of prepaid cards. 

Hopefully, you now have a better insight when it comes to two of the most significant trends in the world of travel today. Make sure you keep an eye out on all of the newest trends in this sector, as they are changing all of the time! However, these are two that definitely have staying power.


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